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19 March 2006
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From the President

A History Lesson…

Once upon a time in the deepest, darkest, early 1980's two people decided that they would like to contribute to the growing neo-pagan community. Both had been on the pagan path seeking and learning for a decade and desired to offer their skills to the community at large. Pat and Tony Taylor were active members of Mensa and believed that a productive way to serve was to publish a small Special Interest Group newsletter for the Minnesota chapter of that organization. This is how Wodenwood was conceived and brought into being. Its focus was broad, encompassing the Pagan/Occult/Witchcraft Special Interest Group of Minnesota Mensa. As it evolved through the years, the focus narrowed until it concentrated only Druidism and specific Celtic interests and became Keltria Journal.

Drawing of a woman looking out to sea with waves breaking holding a bunch of Flowers. Art by MAD Howell.The Henge of Keltria itself had its beginnings about fifteen years ago. Separate from the newsletter, it began with a small group of friends who desired specific things from their spiritual path that they did not find in other places. To describe it in a romantic storytelling manner, it was created in Love's kitchen using reverence and respect for the Old Gods and the Old Ways as the main ingredients. Remaining as true to scholarship as possible, they also kept an eye on their own spiritual needs in a modern world. These friends made a noise like a party and it wasn't long before others asked to be invited to share the wonderful food. Invited they were as they continue to be.

We do receive kind letters and E-mails of support and for those, I am grateful. They make the hours of work I do for the Henge delightful and well worth my sacrifices. However, there is a trend that I find disheartening. It's the "Okay, you have my twelve bucks so what are you going to do for me?" attitude. It's hurtful when people become down right rude when other resources are suggested for basic background information. We try to explain that we cannot tell them everything we've learned about the Celts _ ancient and modern, Druidism in general, Keltrian Druidism in particular and how it compares to other organizations past, present and future all in one breath in a single personal letter or E-mail typing with one finger by lamplight in a strong wind blowing uphill both ways. (The run-on sentence was intentional.)

To these folks I say the membership money is allotted this way: One dollar goes to a Benevolent Fund and one dollar goes to an Emergency Fund. In the past, some Keltrians have suffered in natural disasters such as hurricanes, floods, and earthquakes. Others are in sincere need of scholarship assistance. We have been unable to help in the past, but are making an effort to do so in the future. These funds are in their infancy and not ready for general distribution, but we are doing our best to see that they will be available in the future. The balance of ten dollars covers the cost of printing the newsletter, purchasing envelopes and subsequent postage. The little bit of change left goes to general operating expenses.

That being said, we are willing to invite folks into our kitchen to share our spiritual food. It is up to the individual member to partake of it. It is not up to us to force-feed. Nor is it our responsibility to unzip peoples' heads and pour into them what has taken us years of study and trial to achieve. When I ask whether someone is working with the Keltrian rituals, I receive a blank stare or its equivalent if I ask the question in writing. If a person wants to experience the Keltrian path, working with the rituals is essential. For a solitary practitioner, the rituals are easily adapted for one person. The individual is also responsible for their own research into the history and culture of the old religion that we celebrate.

We have many, many fine people associated with the Henge who are delighted to answer specific questions regarding basic beliefs and the workings of Keltrian ritual. We will also help with specific questions on history and mythology. If one person does not have the answer, it is easy to get one. We do as much as we are able to be available. However, we do need to be met at least in the middle. Read the material, try the rituals, and take the time to formulate questions that can be answered.

The opening paragraphs of this editorial are by no means a historical account of the formation of the Henge of Keltria. It's a simple explanation of where we've been on the way to where we're going. I hope this gives folks a wee insight as to how the Henge of Keltria had its beginnings. The publication spread the word about what was cooking in the kitchen as both evolved. Otherwise, it's more than likely that it would still be a few friends and family members cooking for themselves. Eventually, we sacrificed the journal to give our undivided attention to the membership through several venues one of which is Henge Happenings.

We are happy to serve; however, it's up to the individual to sit down at the table. We've provided the main course.

The light is on in the kitchen...

Walk with Wisdom,

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