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Henge Happenings
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Henge Happenings
Lughnasadh 1999 - Issue 43

The Official Newsletter for Members of the Henge of Keltria.

Table of Contents

From the President
From the Vice-President
From the Secretary
A Druid Alone
A Column for Solitary Keltrians
The Bard's Path
I am One
Grove Leaders SIG
Almighty Bread
Magick Wands
Making Magickal Tools - Part 2
(Objects made from Clay)
Age of Aquarius
Celtic Borders



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From the President

The big news this quarter is the resounding success of the First Annual Gathering of the Keltrian Tribes. Juniper Grove did a fantastic job of organizing and hosting this event. By the time the weekend was over and all was said and done, these stalwart folks offered to do it again next year. Plans are in the works.

Keltrians converged in eastern Kansas coming from Maine, California and lots of interesting places in between. The festival was conducted as a fifty-one hour ritual. Friday evening, we performed the opening segment of the ritual and lit the Sacred Fire. After the Tree Meditation, when I opened my eyes it was exhilerating to see all of the shining faces.

The weekend began with arrivals met at the gate where everyone received the Tri-line on their forehead and the blessings of mind, body and spirit. This is the way that everyone enters the sacred space and we thought it was appropriate for this special weekend.

One of my favorite things and probably everyone else attending was putting names with faces. Topaz Owl and I have been on the Board of Trustees working together for two years and have been aquatinted via E-Mail for much longer, but we had never met! It was wonderful to see the old friendly faces as well.

Saturday’s schedule included workshops and plenty of time for visiting with old and new friends. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank this year’s presenters and suggest that its not too early for interested folk to submit proposals for next year.

The Feast followed and it was a marvel to behold. The tables were arranged in a huge square so we all were able to sit at the same table and see each other. Cheers to Page for the wonderful decorations; special thanks go to Jody and Fitz for their efforts in the kitchen which provided the fuel to keep us all going for the weekend. We toasted and roasted and generally made merry until it was time to proceed to the Bardic Fire.

We had many fine performers ranging from professional strength to the less experienced, but just as sincere in the offering. Everyone was encouraged and applauded. We plan to do this again next year, so start preparations now. All offertories in the spirit of the evening are welcome: songs, instrumentals, skits, stories, and even jokes. Everyone has an opportunity to share what they have prepared in a supportive, loving atmosphere.

Sunday morning found us preparing for the annual meeting of the membership. Reports of the Elections, Tony’s Keynote speech on the “Purpose of the Henge and other items will be covered in this and future Henge Happenings issues, so I won’t go into detail here.

It was my pleasure to witness individual members stand and offer their contributions. I could see that we truly are a Tribe.

The annual meeting was followed by the closing portion of our weekend-long ritual. I can only speak for myself, however, I sense I am not alone when I say that I became misty-eyed when we all sang “Walk with wisdom” together at the end. I looked at all of the faces and to paraphrase the closing of our liturgy, I feel refreshed by my communion with the Ancestors, Nature Spirits, the Gods and Goddesses and the Brothers and Sisters of my Tribe. So it was done.

Walk with wisdom,

Henge Happenings is intended for members of The Henge of Keltria. However, many of the particularly interesting articles have been made available to non-members. If you are a member of the Henge and need a replacement copy of Henge Happenings, please contact the Henge Office. Please report any broken links to the Web Master.

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