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Henge Happenings
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Henge Happenings
Lughnasadh 1999 - Issue 43

The Official Newsletter for Members of the Henge of Keltria.

Table of Contents

From the President
From the Vice-President
From the Secretary
A Druid Alone
A Column for Solitary Keltrians
The Bard's Path
I am One
Grove Leaders SIG
Almighty Bread
Magick Wands
Making Magickal Tools - Part 2
(Objects made from Clay)
Age of Aquarius
Celtic Borders



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From the Vice-President

Greetings fellow Keltrians! I would like to send thanks to everyone who cast a vote at the recent election. Voting is an important part of participating in Keltria. Even after the votes are counted, it is important to keep in touch with the elected officers. The officers can answer your questions and listen to your suggestions and comments.

Communication is, I think, the most vital part of keeping Keltria a thriving organization. We all have something to share, in the common bond of this path. I encourage communications to continue and increase among the members as well as between the members and officers.

I have found it to be immensely helpful to me to get to know other Keltrians. When I first joined Keltria, I didn’t know anyone else in it. I found out about Keltria by subscribing to the Journal (which I miss greatly). As time went on, I was able to correspond with Wren and Tony and eventually meet them and the other members of Caer Duir (when the Grove was based in Minnesota). I asked them endless questions about Keltria and I read all the material I could get my hands on. The topic of Druidism fascinated me. It still does.

Now I have been able to get to know many of the other members via e-mail through the Keltria E-mail list I have started. It was even more of a pleasure to meet some of you at the first annual Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe this past June. While e-mail is a great form of communication, seeing a real face is even better! I can’t wait to meet even more members next year! Meeting others with similar beliefs has helped me to enrich my spiritual experience beyond the capacity I could have by myself. The sharing and support are an important part of my path.

But for those of you who by physical distance or other circumstances can not meet others in person, I urge you to take advantage of the other ways of meeting folks. Send in your information for the Membership Directory. Write letters to the other members listed in the directory. Get one of the free e-mail accounts like hotmail or juno.com and join in on the E-mail list (most public libraries have computers you can use to send and receive e-mail if you do not have one). Get involved in the Solitaries SIG, Seers SIG or Bardic SIG. Write an article or letter to the editor for Henge Happenings. Start a study group in your area and discuss books from the recommended reading list. There are so many ways to get involved and get even more out of your experience.

If you have any ideas, questions or comments for me, you can catch me on-line at [See: http://www.keltria.org/E-Mail2.htm for information on contacting Henge Officers. - Webmaster ] or write to me care of the Henge Office.

To join the Keltria E-mail list (which is now only open for subscription to members or those referred by Grove Leaders or Board Members), send an e-mail to [See http://www.keltria.org/maillist.htm for directions. - Webmaster] We have discussed the 13 Beliefs of Keltrian Druidism recently and are now discussing the Henge of Keltria Book of Ritual. I hope to share some of these discussions in Henge Happenings in the future, so all members can participate. The list is a great way to learn more about Keltria while you are getting to know others in Keltria.

You can also find a wealth of information on Keltria and some articles from past issues of Henge Happenings online at:

Walk with Wisdom,
Baisteadh (aka Rain)

Henge Happenings is intended for members of The Henge of Keltria. However, many of the particularly interesting articles have been made available to non-members. If you are a member of the Henge and need a replacement copy of Henge Happenings, please contact the Henge Office. Please report any broken links to the Web Master.

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