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Henge Happenings
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Henge Happenings
Imbolc 2000 - Issue 45

The Official Newsletter for Members of the Henge of Keltria.

Table of Contents

From the President
From the VP:
Antagonists as a Spiritual Lesson
Henge News
Keltrian Wheel of the Year Mythology
Principles of Druidry

From the President

I’m sitting in a sunny morning kitchen watching a riot of little rainbows tumble up and down the wall, across the ceiling and out into the hall and living room. I marvel that in the last year and a half we have spent six months of that time in motel rooms. Once again, I find myself staring at boxes and more boxes. I know that there is a place for everything, however, I wonder how the household puzzle will fit together again. I fantasize that with one twitch of my nose, the boxes will unpack themselves and the contents find their proper places. This is it! No more moving!

This has been an interesting odyssey. When a person embarks on such a journey, two things are certain to come out of it: distraction and change. Change is inevitable as one foot precedes the other along a path. It means growth. Distraction may be frustrating, however, it forces a redirection of focus for a time. In a positive light it can be considered a small vacation of sorts.

When a planned journey evolved into an odyssey, the traveler is taken by surprise. The challenges and adventures force the attention to the preservation of mind, body and spirit. When the journey ends and the nomad finds a home, then comes the time to assess the experiences and lessons learned. It is undeniable that growth has occurred and a person views the world and responsibilities differently than before taking to the road. It is refreshing.

To describe it in practical terms, when I sew a dress and I cannot get the collar to fit together correctly, I go do something else for an hour. After completing a different task, I return to the dress and like magick the pieces fit together. So it is with Keltria. When an idea to benefit the Henge is born, it is discussed, perhaps tweaked, then implemented with the approval of the Board of Trustees. If it works we keep it. If it doesn't work, we move on to the next and consider the benefits to the organization. The pursuit of knowledge and wisdom brings evolution and change, which we welcome. This voyage that Tony and I have been on has left us revitalized rather than weary and with a fresh sense of goals and direction.

The Henge office now has a new address, which is published elsewhere in this edition. The Minneapolis Post office box will continue to be maintained, however, for a faster response the new Quincy, MA address will speed correspondence considerably. My thanks and gratitude go to Laura and Marko D. who continue the collect the Mail in Minneapolis and ship it to wherever the Henge office is in Time and Space.

As I look around the new office, I count only eleven more boxes to unpack. Tony and I have our sleeves rolled up and we are ready to get back to Henge business.

Henge Happenings is intended for members of The Henge of Keltria. However, many of the particularly interesting articles have been made available to non-members. If you are a member of the Henge and need a replacement copy of Henge Happenings, please contact the Henge Office. Please report any broken links to the Web Master.

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