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Beltaine 2000

A Druid Alone

A Column for Solitary Keltrians

by The Topaz Owl

How does Keltria handle its solitary membership? How does one get initiated when one is far away from established groves?

A large percentage of the membership of the Henge of Keltria is Solitary, so it only makes sense that we have recently implemented a support group for Solitary Keltrians. We have just introduced this Solitary SIG into the Henge structure and are still working out the details as to how it is implemented. Helpful suggestions are always welcome.

At the moment, the Solitary SIG provides individual support as requested, and some networking between Solitary members that are near each other (also upon request). Also, we have an e-mail discussion list (Keltria-L) for members of the Henge that can be very helpful and sometimes quite lively, and I would recommend that all Solitary Keltrians subscribe to Keltria-L if possible. We also have a Keltrian chat room, which is a book study group online through The Summerlands, Inc. just for Keltrians, wherein we read and discuss books that are listed on the Keltrian Recommended Reading List. The chat logs are posted to Keltria-L as well, for those who are unable to attend but would still like to gain from our discussion. Questions about Keltrian ritual and/or beliefs are always welcomed in both of these forums. And, as the Solitary SIG Advisor, I am available to assist you in private correspondence if you prefer, either by USPS or by e-mail. (Please be patient and allow a reasonable amount of time for me to reply.) We also provide "Henge Happenings" to all members in good standing, which is a quarterly newsletter filled with interesting announcements, articles, poetry, stories, book reviews, and advice from other members of the Henge.

To answer the second part of your question which asks about Initiation for Solitary members, I will take some things directly from the Bylaws of the organization, specifically Article XVIII - Levels of Achievement :

  • "18.1 ...Prior to initiation a person must study and prepare for initiation. The uninitiated may
  • go through three phases on the way to initiation.
  • "18.1.1. The Seeker is a person who is investigating Celtic Spirituality or Druidism in its many and varied forms. A Seeker typically first contacts the Henge of Keltria seeking to know and understand what forms of Celtic Neopagan spirituality are available.
  • "18.1.2. The Member is a person who is interested enough in Keltrian Druidism to join the organization. Members are considered general laity and may participate in all Mistletoe and Seasonal Rituals, serve on committees, partake in open meetings and have any other privileges and responsibilities as shall be designated by the Henge or their local Grove. A Member is not required to enter into a study program.
  • "18.1.3. The Dedicant has committed him/herself to the study of Keltrian Druidism and has demonstrated this commitment by undergoing a Dedication Ceremony. The Dedication Ceremony establishes a Student/Teacher, Dedicant/Mentor relationship. The Dedicant is enrolled in a study course with the Mentor or is involved with the training system employed by a Grove. Dedicants may be called upon to assume lesser roles in Mistletoe and Seasonal rituals should their services be needed.
  • "18.2. Initiation and advancement requires the approval of a member of the Ring of the Oak."
  • In reference to paragraph 18.1.3 above as it pertains to Solitary Keltrians, it has always been the consideration of the Henge that a student's enrollment in the Correspondence Course establishes a Dedicant/Mentor relationship; in other words, the requirements for Initiation into the Keltrian Path have begun through the Correspondence Course for those who are a reasonable distance from a Keltrian Grove. For those who are within 50 miles of a Grove, we prefer that the student learn from that Grove, establishing the Dedicant/Mentor relationship and attaining Initiation finally through that Grove, unless of course there are extenuating circumstances which are explained to the Board of Trustees.

    The following is also from the Bylaws, specifically from the section concerning Initiation:

  • "19.9. The initiation is, above all, a covenant made between the Druid and her/his Gods.
  • "19.9.1. The initiation marks a turning point in the candidate's life in two ways. First, it establishes the candidate's acceptance in the mystery path. This part of the initiation is spiritual in nature, and rests in the hands of the Gods.
  • "19.9.2. Second, the initiation affirms the candidate's acceptance into a select group of people. This facet of initiation takes place on a cognitive, physical level. The decision to accept the candidate lies with her/his fellow humans."
  • Paragraphs 18.2 and 19.9.2 should make it very clear that Initiation into the Keltrian Path does not automatically follow once you finish the preliminary training. Initiation must be requested by the candidate and the candidate must also have a Sponsor who is an Initiate and the Sponsor must have the approval of a member of the Ring of the Oak.

    The Correspondence Course and learning from an established Grove are not the only ways to gain a Sponsor who will recommend you for Initiation, however. Initiation can be requested based upon a demonstration of understanding of the Keltrian material as presented in the several Henge publications (such as the Book of Ritual), dedication to the Path, and a history of service to the Henge. A Solitary Keltrian who can demonstrate those things to me as the Solitary SIG Advisor, for instance, can be recommended for consideration.

    So, you see, there are several ways for a Member to eventually become a Keltrian Initiate, whether they are Solitary or not.
    I look forward to more questions and comments from our Solitary members.
    Walk with Wisdom,


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