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Keltria-Office* Lughnasadh 2000

From the President

This Year's Annual Meeting was a quiet affair with plenty of time for visiting and feasting. We enjoy making it a weekend-long affair and wonder why we didn't think of it sooner. We are a far flung organization with members allover the continent and overseas, so gathering as many as possible in one place for a weekend is a great idea.

We performed our first outdoor ritual in our back yard which was dubbed "Druid Hill." It was a bit unnerving at first since we really weren't sure how private it would be. However, it proved to be private enough and we celebrated unnoticed and uninterrupted by the neighbors. It still amazes me that a yard six blocks from a busy downtown can be so private.

It felt wonderful to do Keltrian ritual with old friends. Just as we were thanking the Triads and ending our celebration, fireworks lit up the northern sky. I was thinking that it couldn't get any better and then it did! We all settled in and watched the show. Oddly enough, some of the fireworks strongly resembled pentacles. Some others even looked a little like Druid Sigils. We were impressed. It was a perfect ending to a lovely evening.

Regarding next year, the Board of Trustees has already received a proposal from Avalon-on-Camelot Grove in Minnesota. They are offering to host the Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe at a site just north of Minneapolis - St. Paul in 2001. The Board will consider all proposals to host the Gathering received prior to September 21, 2000.

While we are on this subject, it's not too early to be considering the 2002 and 2003 gatherings. Yes, it's a lot of work, but it's so much fun. We would very much like to see this event happen in different parts of the country every year so as many Keltrian as possible have a chance to attend.

An amendment to set the date of the Annual Meeting other than in June was passed this year so we have more room to accommodate for hot and cold climates. Personally, I think a Keltrian Annual Meeting and Beach Party would be great, however, any place to get together would still be perfect.

Walk with Wisdom,


Lughnasadh 2000

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Henge Happenings - Issue 47

Treasurer's Report

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Lughnasadh 2000

Henge Happenings - Issue 47

Focus on Groves

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Do you have a gathering you are planning on attending? Let the other members of the Henge know and maybe you will be able to meet them at that gathering. (We can't all make it to the Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe.) We will post information about gatherings here. - Editor.

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Lughnasadh 2000

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Henge Happenings - Issue 47

Henge News



TopazOwl would like to announce the arrival in this world of her new foal, Rivendell's Pryderi, a colt out of Silvertank Crystal's Connie by Northern Hemisphere. Pryderi was born at exactly 7 a.m. EDT on Thursday, April

Gathering of the
Keltrian Tribe 2001

The Board of Trustees is accepting proposals for hosting of the Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe for 2001. Proposals must be received by the Board of Trustees by Fall Equimox. Due to the approval of the ammendment to the By-Laws, the annual membership meeting need not take place in June only, so, proposals may be for any month of the year 2001..

So, what will it be, hotel gathering, beach party, or campout? Maybe something really exotic. Your ideas and plans will help the board decide.

Submit your proposal electronicly to the Henge Office, Henge-Office* or via mail to the Henge of Keltria,

13, 2000, two weeks late to the day. There was much rejoicing at Garrán an Eich Órbhuí (partly because they knew the Owl would not be camping out in the barn anymore, as she had been doing every night for two weeks) on the day of his birth.

His arrival was foretold by events occuring two nights before and the night preceeding his birth: the sighting of red-tail hawk in the grove's easternmost ash tree, the additional sighting of a curious light red sparrow with white wingtips at the feeder near the grove, and a premonitory dream. Pryderi is clearly a special boy, being all the colors of Celtic Other-worldly significance: red, white, and black.


The Board of Trustees is happy to welcome Page of Columbia, MO as its newest member. We look forward to a long and happy association. Roll up your sleeves, there is a log of work to do.

Amendment Results

The membership approved the Proposed By-law Amendment. The result of that amendment is that the Board of Trustees may now determine the month in which the annual meeting is to occur and not be forced to hold the meeting in June each year.

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If you have electronic mail, please make sure the Henge Office has your E-Mail address. Send you E-Mail address, membership name and membership number to Henge-Office* .

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Lughnasadh 2000

Henge Happenings - Issue 47

Groves Choice - Stones and Ashes

For the Groves choice portion of our last Samhain ritual we choose to practice a version of "stones and ashes" which we'd like to share with other Keltrians.

There are mention of practices from Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Britain revolving around the bonfire and the use of stones. Each person would take a stone, mark the stone and bury it in the ashes of the bonfire. A prayer or supplication was said and the person would walk around the bonfire 3 times.

In Wales the bonfire was called Coel Coeth. Each family would build their own bonfire. In Scotland it is reputed that ashes were collected from each family fire and spread in a large circle. Each person would hide their stone in the ashes of the circle and the Druid priest would come the next morning to rekindle the main bonfire to ensure the health and wealth of those whose stones remained.

There is a darker side to this practice as well. In some areas, the ashes and stones were guarded all night by various family members. The next morning, if any persons stone was missing, it was believed that the person who belonged to the missing stone would be dead by next Samhain. This was a somewhat dark form of divination.

In our version, we each choose to write something personal on our choosen stone and then the stones were placed in the ashes around the edge of our fire. We each silently said what we needed to say to the fire and to the Gods. The stones were left in the ashes and the fire overnight. The next morning we went out to recover our stones from the ashes. The fire had burned off our inscriptions and carried our messages to the Gods on Smoke and Fire. Each participant retreived their stone from the ashes to take home and put in their own special place later. The fire was then rekindled by the Chief Druid that morning. When the fire was relit, the Indian corn decorations we had around the edges of the back wall of the fire area took fire as well. The corn became our first sacrifice to the Gods in the new year.

As an aside, all of our stones were present in the ashes the following morning. An interesting thing did happen to one of the stones. It was split into three clean pieces all of which fit perfectly together, one on top of the next piece. That stone had become a very Celtic Tri-Stone.


Garrán an Eich Órbhuí Scribe

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Lughnasadh 2000

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Henge Happenings - Issue 47

The Bard's Path


by Pamela Harvey

A Druid's Life

By A.M. Sell
(aka Naomi I. Thunderstorm)

Seeing the beauty in all that is learned,

Knowing that life is lessons returned.

Enoying life for what it has to give,

Accepting the balance that will always live.

Giving and caring for all that we can,

Understanding, respecting, not placing demands.

Loving the animals, the earth and the sky,

Working everyday to focus on our ties.

Thankful to the ancestors of all times before,

Just a few things of a Druid's life and lore.

Son of the world of Faery,

Weaving your Magic still,

Not just in wild Tintagel

Or yonder elfin hill.

But on the crowded trackways

Yet leading to the West,

Our modern, bustling highways

Finding no peace or rest.

Yours is the land eternal

Once opened by the Sidhe,

Hiding from Man's infernal

Noise and stupidity.

But we are still connected

By Earth's magnetic tides,

And now, if unsuspected,

Avalon there abides.

Our technocratic vision

Needs your discerning touch,

Bringing your ordered wisdom

That our Age needs so much.

To our unspoken feelings

Chivalry holds a key.

For you, the world of Arthur

never was fantasy.

The Board of Trustees

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TopazOwl, Page Tony (Wren in front)
Taken at The Annual Meeting 2000
Photo by Caroline S.

Trustees not shown Rain, Karl, DruidTom

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Lughnasadh 2000

Henge Happenings - Issue 47

From the Mailbox

By Tony

Inner Traditions's latest catalog has me drooling about ordering Nigel Pennick's book, The Sacred World of the Celts: An illustrated Guide to Celtic Spirituality and Mythology, which is being released in paperback this September.

For those of you with children, "The Ancient Celtic Festivals: and How We Celebrate Them Today, by Clare Walker Leslie and Grank E. Gerace, look's to be a lot of fun. It provides hands-on activities for kids to explore the concepts of our Celtic Festivals. Hardcover release this October.

Ellen Evert Hopman, a longtime member of the Henge, latest offering, Walking the World in Wonder: A Children's Herbal is to be released by Inner Traditions in hardcover this November. Congratulations Ellen.

I'd be very interested in seeing, and publishing, reviews of any of these books. (So many books -- So little time.)

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Lughnasadh 2000

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Henge Happenings - Issue 47


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includes a biography, interview, and discography. Written by "friend of Keltria" musician Mairéid Sullivan. Quarry Music Books, 256pp paperback, ISBN 1-55082-246-2, $16.95.

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Lughnasadh 2000

Henge Happenings - Issue 47