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Beltaine 2001

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From the President
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The Druid's Path

Do the Gods Forget by Pamela Harvey

From the President

We’re packing our bags again, but this time it’s not for another cross-country move, but rather for a trip back “home”. The Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe is being held in Minnesota only a couple of miles from where we used to live north of beautiful downtown Minneapolis. “They” say that you can’t go home again, however, that is not the case with us.

As most of you already know, the Grove of Avalon on Camelot is hosting this year’s annual meeting and camping adventure. They have workshops and surprises planned as well as time to kick back and simply enjoy old friends and make some new ones. We are looking forward to seeing all of you who will be able to attend the festivities. This will be a very interesting annual meeting. We have no items for the membership to vote on this year, however, we do have the elections for four seats on the board, which includes the president’s office

This will also be the first time in our memories that the entire Board of Trustees has ever been gathered in one location. Ten years ago, the first board was spread between two states, whereas the current board is sprinkled across four states between the Mississippi River and the Atlantic Ocean. This had made it necessary to conduct board business over the phone. It has been a rather sterile way to conduct our business to be sure, so it will be great fun to kick back in front of a fire and “talk shop”. You never know what topic will come up when we are snoodled up in blankets under the Minnesota stars and our feet are toasty and warm.

I’d like to thank Deidre and the Grove of Avalon on Camelot in advance for all of the work planning and producing an event of this proportion. We certainly understand the amount of time and effort involved, and applaud these hearty volunteers.

I’d also like to mention that it’s never too early to invite plans and proposals for the next annual meeting. Let’s see… We’ve met in Massachusetts, Georgia, Kansas and Minnesota. What if next time we gathered for a weekend-long beach party in southern California or near Stonehenge on the Columbia in Washington State? Remember: the membership voted to make the date of the annual meeting mobile to accommodate local climates and people’s work schedules. For example, members who work in education find the June date difficult to schedule because of the end of the school year.

Once again, thanks to the Grove of Avalon on Camelot and I look forward to seeing everyone in deepest, darkest Minnesota!

Walk with wisdom,


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Election Biographies

Mary-Alice Taylor (Wren)

Wren has been active in the Neopagan community since 1979. An avid festival participant, she conducts workshops in Keltrian Druidism and related subjects utilizing the disciplines of Bard, Seer, and Druid. For the last four years she has served the Henge as President. After careful consideration, she has decided to run for a third and final term.

She has served the Henge in various capacities over the last ten years ranging from mail clerk and art and assistant editor of Keltria Journal to her current office as President. Throughout these years she has endeavored to hold true to the vision of the co-founders in her tenure. With the support of the Board of Trustees, she has slowly been moving the Henge from and organization to an order. This is a slow process, however, progress is being made. She strongly believes that this path is in the best interest of the longevity of the Henge.

Two more years on this path will help to cast this direction in cement. She humbly asks for the support of the Membership for one more term to further this goal.

Vice President
Chris Benoit (Rain)

Rain has been the Vice President of the Henge of Keltria for the past two years. She has initiated and maintained an e-mail list, written for the correspondence course and is working on a new booklet on Keltrian Spirituality. In addition to these projects she is working on ideas for ordination of Keltrian Priest/esses.

Rain’s primary focus is on the art of the Bard. She loves to write and has written many articles for Henge Happenings including a ritual for a Keltrian funeral and has begun work on Keltrian Mythology that weaves the seasonal celebrations and the Matron and Patron together. Included in the soon-to-be-published pile are articles on a children’s Keltrian ritual, magickal ethics and divination.

C. Leigh McGinley (TopazOwl)

TopazOwl has been a member of Keltria since 1991 and the Secretary of the Henge for the last four years. She is a Ring of the Yew Initiate, and is the Founder/Chief Druid of Garrán an Eich Órbhuí, a Keltrian Grove located near Syracuse, NY. She is well-versed in Celtic (especially Irish) History, Myth and Legend, and is especially interested in Early Irish Law. As a freelance writer, she has written articles published in "Keltria: Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick"; "Hoofprint: the Northeast’s Equine Newspaper"; and "The Pantheon". She is also a frequent contributor to "Henge Happenings". She makes her living as a crop farmer and an assistant environmental consultant. Additionally, she teaches equine management, riding, and showmanship, and raises and trains Percheron and American Warmblood horses. In her spare time she studies Aikido, a Japanese martial art that stresses balance of mind, body, and spirit and peaceful resolution of conflict. Her vision for the Henge is to develop a strong and cohesive initiatory tradition that is as true to the spiritual tradition of the ancient Druids as possible while still being relevant for our modern times and attitudes.

Karl Schlotterbeck

Karl Schlotterbeck, MA, CAS, is a licensed psychologist with special interests in hypnosis, biofeedback, stress management and spiritual issues in psychotherapy. He is active in various spiritual communities as a meditation leader, drummer and teacher. He has been a student of Rosicrucianism since 1967, a past-life therapist and author since the 1980's, and a member of Keltria (now in the Ring of the Oak) since the 90’s. He is a student of core, Celtic and Mongolian shamanism. Currently serving on the Board of Trustees, his present focus is on completing revisions of the correspondence course. His vision for Druidry is of an initiatory order that fosters knowledge, inspiration and wisdom in individuals who are a force for positive change in their communities.

Debbie Roen (Deidre)

Dear Fellow Keltrians,

My name is Deidre, I am the Grove Leader of the Grove of Avalon. I am running for the trustee position on the Henge Board of Directors year 2001. I would like your vote for this position due to the unique qualifications I bring, in addition to my love of the Henge and Druidry.

I’ve been a member of Keltria since 1988. I was a student of Tony and Wren in the Grove of Cael Duer when it was active in Minneapolis, Minnesota. During that same time I was a staff member and typist for “Keltria: A Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick”.

I was iniated into the Ring of the Birch in 1993 and elevated to the Ring of the Yew in 1998. That same year I helped co-found the Grove of Avalon that I serve to this day and became an ordained minister in the state of Minnesota. Avalon Grove is a lively place to be; we meet at least twice a month, celebrate all high rites and mistletoes, and have an active course teaching both dedicants and advance students.

Occupationally I’m currently doing computer support for Northwest Airlines, and enjoy running my own Bead jewelry business-Deidre’s Enchanted Designs.

For self growth I plan to return to school in a program in Spiritual psychology starting in May of this year. Looking toward counseling as long term goal down the line. In my spare time I enjoy studying Tae Kwon Do where I currently hold the rank at green belt level.

In closing allow me to say what a pleasure it’s been helping to organize the 2001 Annual Gathering of the Henge that the Grove of Avalon is hosting. I look forward to seeing as many of you there as can make it.

Thank you for taking the time to consider me for the position of trustee.


The Druid's Path

Do the Gods Forget?
By Pamela Harvey

Some people think of the Gods as long lost memories. Heroes of old seem irrelevant to today. Those of us closer to Nature will sense a connection, still vital with the Spring, and holding on through the Winter, an inner core of life.

Ideas in this New Age are divided about the possibility of Divine or semi-Divine beings, especially the concept of their presence among us. Some UFO-ologists consider it, but many scoff and say if there is life elsewhere in the Universe it is at different stages of evolution, many possibly higher, but with no reasonable interest in us, or any aspect of compassion for the plight of Earth.

We cannot deny that Mother Earth is in trouble; generations of humans have wrought havoc with our environment now. The industrialization of our planet is still going on in space. What would superior technologies want with a world which is being systematically destroyed? They might know how to encourage renewal and balance again… But why should they, if they exist, care?

An obvious answer is that we are the most fertile and favored world in this Solar System, and possibly one of the most promising in the whole Galaxy. That could attract the attention of more advanced peoples from Space. So what if they want to make us a colony? What impudence! But did the Gods of legend and their children, the heroes and Faery people, also want a slice of our real estate? Just to be more comfortable than in the storms of Jupiter, wild winds of Saturn, or unimaginable chill of Neptune and Pluto? Was their technology and probable psychic ability the source of the dawning human consciousness long ago that they knew and could control the hidden forces of Nature? That possibly they even drew out and amplified the primal human consciousness to become sentient, thinking, and in some way more cosmically aware than the apelike ancestor of Man? Was it just a cynical ploy — the origin of our race’s trembling attempt to understand religion? Or — was it a primal kinship with the original Cosmic Mother, the Source of all Being in one sense, springing Herself from the mystical One Who has no gender? Or the energy of the Stellar births which could be masculine as well, and as the stellar fields expanded agitated the Calm which preceded the beginning of Space-Time? Did not this spur the Star-men to seek out new worlds, not with avarice but compassion?

All this is speculation, and perhaps intuition, and we all have our own idea of the relativity between the Gods and ourselves. No scientist yet has all the answers, and they would be in any case difficult indeed for our immature minds to comprehend. But Science is on the way to the Wisdom our ancestors felt, and knew, in its own way. Science proceeds step by logical step, like the inchworm in the old song, “measuring the marigold.” It does not stop to see “how beautiful they are.” If it did so, sometimes it might realize the true meaning of the Cosmos. What is life without beauty, or love, in whatever form.

I grew up on the outskirts of a city, and we, as a family, were too poor to own an automobile. It was also during my childhood, World War II in Britain, and so except when I was evacuated from London, I seldom saw the open country. My sense of belonging to Nature never properly developed. Though I have a very early memory as a toddler with my Mother, and this long street full of houses with gardens, I was too small to see into, and know trees. I had only seen trees sometimes, but this barren brick and concrete landscape seemed wrong, chilling. I was hardly more than a baby, but I noticed it, not knowing what was missing. Somehow, intuitively, the lost woodland of my home area seemed to haunt me, and haunts me still. Once, it is fairly obvious, this suburb was a part of Epping Forest, on the edge anyway. Now, when the welcome sun of Spring pours down from the whole sky at the time of the Equinox, I have to admit I long for the Contrasting shade of trees long ago vanished. There are some elsewhere nearby, but in many places the urban sprawl has covered their tracks. There is still the beauty of flowers, but less grass, more paved yards and rows of automobiles. I still can’t afford one! I am not against “progress” and convenience, but where are our priorities? When will the people of this planet learn, what is in my most secret heart, in spite of outward forgetting, I always knew that plants breathe out with their oxygen a union with the Spirit of Nature which, in order to become an evolved, aware species we need. This is at the heart of religion, mysticism, and the desire to commune with the Eternal Source of Being. I have come to love the plants I grow, mainly cacti because I still do not know a lot about cultivation. They seem like little people - perhaps I also sense their small faerie guardians. I am still learning and growing myself, so I hope so.

Whether our Gods are simply the Breath of Nature, as in a sense they must be, or whether they were, and are still, ancient “astronauts,” matters only in the way that we personally can reach out to them. We are all the beginning and the eternal present, the spiral like the coiled Serpent.

In centuries to come we may learn to tame the weather, as those who may tame the fires of Io, one of Jupiter’s moons. Space travelers would know only too well the need to conserve sources of growth and germination, and know its potential from the start. They would appreciate the warmth of a Sun unrestricted by harmful radiation, which soaks much of Space and its worlds. With the ozone holes we are now open to this threat; we could probably do with some expert advice from those whose lives depend on it. If, and when, humans stand on the sands of Mars, need they fear so much the “War of the Worlds” as the war humankind is still engaging in our world, Earth? In a 1970’s movie a little robot watered a space garden in a dome, a garden like Earth? We don’t need to compete with methane choked spheres; we were not born to it, but we may become tough enough to share the wilder realms of the Gods when we have developed a fraction of their wisdom and intuitive compassion for all life-forms. If those powerful enough to withstand the Cosmic fires had no such compassion, we would not still exist. Our planet is a prize indeed. We must turn with our Mother with the new tide of understanding! Eventually failure to do so will not be an option.

(Pamela Harvey’s latest book The Wellspring, coauthored with Anna Franklin is published by Capall Bann Publishing, Freshfields, Chieveley, Berks RG20 8TF, England. Sales: Tel/Fax: 01635-247050. ISBN 186163 0786.)



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