Henge Happenings #51

Lughnasadh 2001

The Newsletter for Members of the Henge of Keltria.

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From the Officers:

From the President

The Bard's Path

Morgaine - Beirdd

The Druid's Path

From the Mailbox By Tony Taylor


From the President

I will begin by thanking Avalon-on-Camelot Grove for the stellar job in organizing this year's annual meeting. Other Keltrians have written about it in this issue, so I won't go into detail. It was a smashing success. Three cheers! Personally, I came away with renewed energy and sense of direction.

Gathering together at least once a year is good fuel to fire the Keltrian soul. Comparing notions and ideas around a campfire under the stars is a wonderful reality check. We tend to lose that intimacy over the course of the year without the physical contact. I felt excited and energized while thoughts and ideas flowed almost too fast for my tongue to catch up with my brain. As it says in the closing of the Keltrian ritual, I feel "renewed by our communion…"

As we taste the first sweet fruits of the seeds of ambition we planted at the Celtic New Year, it's also time to begin reflection on what comes next. At this year's Gather, I found myself with the luxury of the time and space to visit with Keltrians and share ideas without the distraction of being a hostess. The result of all of this is some exciting refinements for the Henge. Rest assured that there is nothing too drastic in the wind. These innovations make the path to our goals more precise. Honoring our Ancestors, revering the Nature Spirits and worshiping the Gods and Goddesses of our Tribe are always tantamount. When the New Year rolls around again, I will have my personal work, however I also have seeds to plant for the Henge as well. The Council of Elders will have a statement for the next issue.

Walk with wisdom, Wren



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The Bard's Path


In the rain-sweet air of a night
but grazed by the Moon,
brushing the verdancy beckoning
in whispers to the memory's heart,
sparkling in a million
green-golden specks,
singing in the mystical crescendo
of the myriad minute,
I watch her watching,
lithe and lithic,
lovely in a way to be told only
in deep, secret groves,
with the scent of the moss,
or the musky smoke of arches and apses.

She turns with a movement of marble and flesh,
her eyes the still waters above which I lay.
By her hand I am mist to envelop the fay.


Garran an Eich Orbhui

"Morgaine" ©2001 M.Bruno


From the Mailbox

By Tony

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