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Henge Happenings: Official Newsletter of the Henge of Keltria

Henge Happenings #54

From the President

Beltaine 2002 Omens

A thread on the Keltrian list caught my interest recently. This was in regard to an omen witnessed by one of our members. She described in a beautifully poetic way a fantastic flock of blackbirds flying toward the east. Her interpretation of this sign was that now is the time for the Druids to band together and meet the future. Synchronicity being what it is, I recently received an avian message as well.

On a recent trip to Maine, my husband and I visited a favorite beach on our way back to Boston. It’s a beautiful sandy beach that stretches for miles. To get to the public parking lot, you have to drive out on a spit of land that’s barely two city blocks wide. It’s also crowded with houses many of which are occupied year round. They barely have room for yards, which are either sandy of sporting tufts of low, sturdy beach grass. Just as we were leaving, we spotted four wild turkey hens. My mind was occupied with mundane concerns that day so the oddity didn’t strike me. It took a day or two to register, however, it finally occurred to me that a sandy beach is not a normal habitat for this particular bird. This beach area is well populated and surrounded by miles and miles of salt marsh. Turkeys are usually found in the woods well away from people.

As I hung up the kitchen phone in the late morning, I spotted an odd movement on the hill that is our back yard. It was unusual enough to investigate and lo and behold it was another turkey hen. We make our home an arrow shot from a busy downtown area of a town only eight miles from Boston. This is another very unlikely place to see a bird of this ilk. I’m told that I can’t count the turkey we had for dinner the night before even though that is another rare occurrence, so that was five turkeys spotted in only a couple of days. It was then that seeing the turkeys at Pine Point smacked me between the eyes. In all of the tramping around in the Maine woods while I was growing up, I’d never seen one in the wild and now I had seen five in two very unlikely places. When I didn’t get the first message, I was sent another.

I have to admit that I had some fun telling friends about the noble messengers who brought signs to others around me. I described the wonderful harbingers and how their behavior delivered their arcane messages. I told of the recountings, which waxed poetic in the telling and the profundity of these experiences for those who witnessed them. What did I get? Turkeys. One friend had to wipe the tears of laughter from her face while she told me she imagined the Pine Point birds wearing little sunglasses and carrying beach towels and chairs as I told my story.

All kidding aside, I do take this as a serious omen. It awes me that when I didn’t quite get it the first time, I was sent another. The turkey is a noble bird. Benjamin Franklin lobbied to elect this as our nationally symbol. It is also referred to as the “land eagle”. Seeing this bird is a sign of prosperity and abundance for the next year’s time. It also represents honoring the Earth Mother and bountiful harvest. Another source tells me that it is an indication of shared blessings, and so I share this message with my fellow Keltrians. It may seem like an odd time of year for a harvest message, however, we will take the good news whenever we hear it.

Before closing, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank the members of Golden Horse Grove for volunteering to host this year’s annual meeting and "fun-fest" in upstate New York this July. They’ve located a super site, so we hope to see as many of you as possible. In the past, these gathers have proved that there is nothing like being able to meet and greet in person.

Walk with wisdom,

“D-2ing” Ritual

by Baisteadh

(Dedicated to a special friend on the occasion of his D-2ing.)

Ritual Preparation: Well before the ritual the person to become D2 should prepare to answer the following questions for ritual (or you may use the guidelines here to form responses):

· Why do you wish to become D2?
· Whom do you wish to call upon for your Matron [and/or Patron] for this rite of passage?
· Why have you chosen this Deity [Deities]?

D2 should also become familiar with the rest of the ritual and the promises that will be made to be sure he/she is comfortable with them. D2 will act as D2 in the following script where duties during ritual gradually increase to full D2 duties.

The other participants can be asked to bring appropriate gifts (such as a journal, candles or other ritual supplies, etc.) to honor D2 with. Or D1 may choose to be the only one who presents a gift.
Tools: Standard Ritual Tools
Divination Supplies
Mead and Water

Ritual Script:

All proceed to the ritual site.
Follow standard ritual procedure for anointing celebrants and consecrating sacred space.
D1: We come to welcome [D2’s Name] as D2 of [Grove Name].
Sing “People of the Oak”, and do the Tree Meditation, Parting of the Veil and Triad Invocations as usual.

D1: Wherefore have we come to the Grove on this day [night]?
D2: I wish to be welcomed as D2 of [Grove Name].
D1: And why do you wish this?
D2: [Personal Answer] or I wish to serve [Grove Name] as D2, to help in leading ritual and guide the Grove as needed.
D1: And whom do you wish to call upon as your Matron [and/or Patron] for this gathering?
D2: [Responds with name of Matron and/or Patron.]
D1: And why have you chosen this Deity [Deities] for this occasion?
D2: [Responds with quality of Deity chosen, i.e. “I have chosen Lugh to guide me in leadership as he is the Master of All arts”.]
D1: Then let us call the Matron [and/or Patron] to join us.
D2: (Takes candle/s from altar and transfers Matron and/or Patron from incense cauldron to candle/s.)
D2: (Approaches sacred fire with candle/s.)
D2: O’ [Name of Matron and/or O’ Name of Patron] With the flame of your spirit/s, I kindle the sacred fire.
D2: (Kindle the Grove fire with candles, then return to the altar.)
D1: Leading a Grove in ritual is a big responsibility, are you ready for this challenge?
D2: Yes.
D1: I have an oath for you, are you ready to take the oath?
D2: Yes
D1: Do you promise to abide by the Henge of Keltria Bylaws in your leadership position and all activities you do for the Grove?
D2: Yes
D1: Do you promise to honor the Ancestors, commune with the Nature Spirits and worship the Gods and Goddesses of our Tribe?
D2: Yes
D1: Do you promise to continue the your studies and strive for responsible, compassionate and at times humble service to [Grove Name] and the Gods and Goddesses so long as this is your chosen path?
D2: Yes
D1: Members of [Grove Name] I ask you to welcome [D2’s name] as D2 of [Grove Name] by a warm round of applause [and/or hugs as appropriate]. So be it!
All: So be it!
D2: At this time if anyone has brought gifts for [D2’s name] please present them.
(Grove members present gifts and may wish to offer words of gratitude or encouragement.)
(D1 may wish to present D2 with a special gift such as a white robe, book on Grove Leadership or other appropriate ritual tool.)
(If desired, a divination may be done at this time to ask if there are any messages for D2.)
D1: [Name/s of Matron and/or Patron called] we give you our adoration and praise. We ask that you give your blessings to [D2 Name] and [Grove Name]. So be it!
(Touch sickle to branch over the glasses of Mead and Water.)
All: So be it.
(Pass Mead and Water as per standard ritual practice.)

D2: We have received the blessings of the Gods and Goddesses. Our closing draws near. Let us now bid farewell to those whom we have called.
(D2 returns Matron and/or Patron to the incense cauldron.)
(Bid farewell to Gods and Goddesses, Nature Spirits and Ancestors. Close the Veil. Reverse the Tree Meditation and return time to its normal course.)
D1: Let us now return to the world grateful for the dedication of [D2 Name] as D2 of [Grove Name].
D2: Let us return refreshed and renewed by our communion with the Ancestors, Nature Spirits and Gods and Goddesses.
D1: It is done. Walk with Wisdom.
(Sing “Walk with Wisdom”.)

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