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Henge Happenings #55

From the President

…And a Good Time Was Had by All.

Kudos and thanks go to Garrán an Eich Órbhuí, for hosting this year’s Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe in Syracuse, New York. Special thanks go to TopazOwl for her planning and overseeing of the weekend and to Ravendancer for her services as Grove Tender. Our thanks also extend to Grey Wolf and Bear who proved themselves fire-tenders extraordinaire. This is an amazing site complete with a labyrinth, hot tub, gazebo and a grand fire pit. The other amenities are too numerous to mention; the staff members were pleasant and welcoming. All of this was located just minutes from the airport, which was the epitome of convenience.

From the initial tri-line Oil Blessing shortly after arriving to the Closing Song sung while holding hands around the breakfast table Sunday morning, the weekend was filled with wonderful workshops, food, fun and fellowship. We celebrated a Mistletoe Rite gathered around the fire pit. Divinations are not usually part of the Mistletoe Rite, however, we thought it appropriate to have one since this was our annual event. TopazOwl blessed us with some stunning revelations to reflect upon for the coming year. Grove of the Golden Horse’s Seer, Beirdd, has shared his interpretation on page 11 of this issue.

With the area being so dry with little rain, we were very grateful to be allowed to have responsible fires. We raised healing energy in our ritual work, and worked up a little extra to encourage the rains to come. TopazOwl informed me later that in the early hours of Monday morning, it did indeed rain which was a relief to local farmers concerned about their crops.

The Annual Meeting was a laid back affair with discussion of plans for ordination of Keltrian clergy. More information will be released as it becomes available. Congratulations go to Page from Apple Branch Grove on her reelection to the Board of Trustees. Her participation is much appreciated by all.

The President’s Report brought news of yet one more change of address for the Henge office. Trustee and Elder, Tony Taylor, has accepted a promotion that will take us to West Virginia. This is a beautiful part of the country, so we are very excited. In the best of all worlds, this will be our last major move. We’re hoping to find a place that will accommodate a possible site for a future Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe.

We do like the idea of the Gathering moving to different parts of the country, so we will continue to cheerfully entertain proposals from Groves and Study Groups.

Even though we have just returned and barely recovered, it’s not too early to be thinking about next year. We are solicitating proposals for the Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe 2003. Proposals should be in by Samhain so the Board of Trustees can make a decision by Yuletide.

Walk with wisdom,

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