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Henge Happenings: Official Newsletter of the Henge of Keltria

Imbolc 2005 - Issue 65

From the President:

Imbolc, the Feast of Brighid, is also known to Keltrians as the Feast of Stirring. At this time, we honor both Brighid, Lady of the Fire, who embodies imbas (or the “fire in the head”), and Angus Óg, the Young God, who embodies love (or the “fire in the heart”). Around us, we can notice the almost imperceptible signs: the days are growing longer, the trees are a bit less sleepy, and creatures scurry about in anticipation of the cyclical rebirth of the warming earth. Imbolc is a promise of better days ahead.

This is a time for “spring cleaning” in the spiritual sense, and a time to recharge our spirits for the coming active season. As the Earth imperceptibly dissolves away the decay of the previous season under the pure white cover of snow and ice, so we also take the time to eliminate from our inner (and perhaps outer) selves those things that no longer serve us, those things that hold us back from fulfilling our destiny. It is time to clean the corrosion from our spiritual battery so that the current can once again flow freely. Brighid and Angus Óg together heal the wounds of our heart, inspiring and encouraging us to begin anew with fresh confidence.

Looking ahead to just one of the approaching season’s activities, we expect the Annual Meeting of the Membership to take place in the territory of Garrán an Eich Órbhuí. Keep your eye on future Henge Happenings issues for specific dates and details.

May your Imbolc be blessed with the fires of inspiration and love.

- TopazOwl



Letter to Veteran's Administration
National Cemetery Administration


October 15, 2004

National Cemetery Administration
Memorial Programs Service (41A1)
810 Vermont Avenue, N.W.
Washington, DC 20420

Dear Sir or Madam:

The Henge of Keltria is a Celtic Reconstructionist religious path dedicated to revering the Nature Spirits, honoring the Ancestors, and worshiping the Gods and Goddesses of our Celtic Ancestors. The Henge of Keltria is a nonprofit religious corporation formed in 1985, and we are dedicated to providing information, training, and networking to those who practice or who are interested in Keltrian Druidism, Druidism in general, or other Celtic Earth-based religions. At this time we have over 100 active members in both the United States and Canada.

Our national officers are: C. Leigh McGinley, President; Mary-Alice Taylor, Vice President; Tony Taylor, Secretary; and Karl Schlotterbeck, Treasurer.

The tri-line "Awen" symbol is an appropriate symbol of our faith, and as such, we feel it should be an available choice for Druid veterans as a marker for gravestones.


C. Leigh McGinley
President, Henge of Keltria

The tri-line "Awen" symbol is an appropriate symbol of our faith

Awen Tri-line symbol

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