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Henge Happenings
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Henge Happenings
Imbolc 2006 - Issue 69

The Official Newsletter for Members of the Henge of Keltria.

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From the President
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Council of Elders
From the Secretary
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From the President

The Bylaws state that I, as President of the Henge of Keltria, am required to give an annual “State of the Henge” report. I am afraid that I have been remiss in my duties in this area in previous years, preferring to wax spiritual at such times (as any good Irish-American woman who has kissed that infamous Blarney Stone might). Well, there’s no time like the present to remedy my error, so here it is: the state of your Henge of Keltria.

The Henge has, as of this writing, about 110 members in good standing. I am assured by our Treasurer that we have enough money through donations and membership fees to attend to the daily duties and expenses of the Henge for at least another year (what a relief!).

Tony Taylor was re-elected to the Council of Elders for another 9-year term. We are pleased that he remains Archdruid of the Henge.

The Correspondence Course has been finished for quite some time and has been accepting students for at least a year; in fact, some are better than half-way through and I heard rumor that at least one student is ready to finish. Our Correspondence Course was truly a labor of love for many of its writers, a brainchild that was some years in the birthing — but oh, it was certainly worth the wait!

The Board has recently approved the Charter of Deer Haven Grove upon recommendation of the Council of Elders, so we have a new and official Grove in West Virginia. Welcome, Deer Haven, and congratulations!

The Keltrian Clergy course of study has been given the green light to proceed into a preliminary trial phase. A team of Initiates has volunteered to be guinea pigs for this course, to give it a “test ride” in order to help smooth out the rough spots and make suggestions and recommendations from the student’s perspective. They are sworn to secrecy, but we will certainly keep you posted of any breaking news regarding the eagerly anticipated Clergy Training Program.

The 2006 Keltrian Calendar was a great success, with lovely photos submitted, but we were a bit disappointed by the lack of member submissions. We hope to see many more submissions by many different artists and photographers to the 2007 Keltrian Calendar.

The Board has recently completed a Military Druid Veteran Headstone Packet for our Kel-trian veterans and/or their families to ensure that our honored veterans have the right to request a Druidic emblem for their headstones from the Veterans’ Administration upon their demise. The emblem accepted by all of the major U.S. Druidic Organizations is the Awen symbol.

The location and date of the 2006 Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe will be announced in a future Henge Happenings. The lackluster response of the membership to volunteer to host this event has been disappointing, to say the least, and the usual suspects are, well, let’s face it — tired.

We have been considering sending at least two members of our Council of Elders to represent the Henge at the Parliament of World Religions being held in Montreal on the 11-15 September 2006. Unfortunately, the cost is prohibitive, and I have considered that the only way we might do this is through donations from our membership earmarked for just this purpose. So, if you would care to be a mysterious (or not so mysterious) benefactor and have the Henge represented among the world’s major religions, feel free to contribute to this fund as you see fit. (But hurry, the deadline for registration is in March!)

As always, I feel persuaded by my spirits to remind you all that the Henge of Keltria is a volunteer organization that is fueled by members and member contributions. When I say contributions, I don’t mean the monetary kind (though that kind does help). I instead mean contributions of heart, soul, and faith. Art, poetry, and articles for our quarterly journal are always needed. Posting to our mailing list helps to contribute to discussion and learning among us. Volunteering to help out for the Henge is always appreciated. Tell us your skills and talents and we’ll put them to good use! Those of us who are overworked will feel slightly less harried, and you’ll feel good having made a difference!

May Brighid watch over you and keep you healthy during this Imbolc season. May we keep an eye to what we have come together here to do: honor the Ancestors, revere the Nature Spirits, and worship the Gods of Our People.

Walk with Wisdom,
The Topaz Owl


Henge Happenings is intended for members of The Henge of Keltria. However, many of the particularly interesting articles have been made available to non-members. If you are a member of the Henge and need a replacement copy of Henge Happenings, please contact the Henge Office. Please report any broken links to the Web Master.

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