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19 March 2006
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From the President

I live in New York State, which has been hit hard by flooding this season, especially in the lower “southern tier” near Binghamton (along with Pennsylvania) as the mighty Susquehanna and Chenango Rivers swelled to bursting and finally overflowed their banks. Counties along the Mohawk River were also submerged as that powerful river left her banks and flowed over the land. People who have lived here all their lives are saying that they have never seen anything like it. People have been flooded out of their homes, reminiscent of the plight of New Orleans.

In central NY, we have had flash flooding and far too much rain this summer. As a result, our crops are suffering. With the last five inches of rain came a sweltering heat – perfect blight conditions. Hopefully we won’t get any more rain for a long while, and we will be able to pull through without too much damage.

When we have too much water pooling on the surface in the fields, which is what happens when we get too much rain all at once, we have to go out with shovels and dig trenches to try to let the water out so that the potatoes and onions don’t rot in the water in the field. Farming is always a crap shoot, as dependant on the moods of the Gods as we are. It is a humbling experience to be beholden to the whims of weather, but at least we have a lot of practice, unlike those who have recently had their homes destroyed by the rising up of a river.

For those Druids who have the skill to read the signs, the waters leaving their boundaries in a way never seen by the elders of a community gives a disturbing message. You may all recall that the King’s truth is paramount to the prosperity of the people, and approval is granted or withdrawn by the Goddess of the Land, or Sovereignty, according to his truth. Similarly, some of us see the strange natural disasters, both within our nation and out in the greater world, to be the direct result of an unfit leader or leaders who do not respect and protect the Land as they should so that the people may thrive.

I am loath to become what some may see as “political” here, however, I can’t see how Druids and politics could ever really be disentangled, given the nature of the beast. I feel it is my duty and my charge to simply say that Lady Sovereignty couldn’t be more obvious in Her messages to us, and it is far past time we heeded Her warnings.

Blessed Lughnasadh,
- TopazOwl

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