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Henge Happenings
Issue 73
Imbolc 2007

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Henge Happenings

   Issue 73

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From the President

Here is some Content.I sat down to write this column, musing over what I could possibly say about the Festival of Imbolc that would be new and fresh. I could reiterate all the things I have mentioned over the years: that this feast is also known to Keltrians as the Feast of Awakening (Féile na Múscailte in the Irish language). That, for our ancestors, the feast was marked by the spring lambing, hence its alternate name, Oimelc, or “in milk.” I could repeat things you already know, such as: at this time, we honor both Brighid, Lady of the Fire, who embodies imbas (or the “fire in the head”), and Angus Óg, the Young God, who embodies love (or the “fire in the heart”). I perused my previous Imbolc offerings over the ten years that I have been an officer of the Henge, hoping to find some idea that would spark a fire of original thought in my own head with which to help kindle the flame in all of you.

One might believe that, with all the fire floating about, that I would have fire to spare and fire to share. Alas, that is not the case. It occurs to me that part of the reason for my slow burn is the difficulty I have feeling the flame of Brighid on an early January afternoon a few weeks before the festival in question (which is when I must write these missives in order to make press time). Another part of the reason may be the weather, which is so out-of-character for this time of the year as to be unrecognizable. Whatever the reason, I am fresh out of ideas. That happens sometimes, to all of us, and there is no accounting for it.

As I pondered this, suddenly, it dawned on me, swift and sharp like a fiery arrow from the Lady Herself: perhaps this year, it is not up to me to spark the flame. Rather, perhaps this year, I should wait to allow my own tired flame to be re-ignited by someone else’s spark! Instead of trying to wring every drop of my own energy into inspiring someone else, perhaps this year, it is time for me to be inspired by the words of another. My heart began to lift as I considered this possibility --and so I turn to you, my friends, my fellow Celts and Druids.

And inspired I am, by all of you, every time I read your words and hear your ideas. Every article that is submitted to Henge Happenings to facilitate a sharing of knowledge, every poem we print here that reveals a bit of the heart of the poet, every bit of news from the Groves and individuals who share their lives and stories here for us – your faith and devotion are all an inspiration to me, and to others. It is your interest, your dedication that keeps me going when my own flame has run low. It is the fellowship we share, both on these pages and in person, that keeps us all going when the going gets tough.

So thank you for the imbas that has lent wings to my spirit, enjoy the writing of your fellows contained within this issue, and have a wonderfully blessed Imbolc!

- The Topaz Owl





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