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Issue 75
Lughnasadh 2007

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Henge Happenings

   Issue 75

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Review: Eist Le Mo Sceal (Listen to my Story) by Caera



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Inspirational Druid Books

The Denver Post reported that the local District Attorney wants spiritually comforting materials available to victims waiting to testify.

The article, which mentions "Druid writings," made me think, what "Druid writings" do we have that would be considered as "comforting" or "inspirational"? Members of the Keltria List discussed the topic and came up with the following list of materials.

Also discussed were The Roscs of Mogh Ruith which are available online and The Desiderata by Max Ehrmann available from Amazon..

Tim Sebastion Passing

The Wild Hunt reported that "Tim Sebastion, Chosen Chief of the Secular Order of Druids in the UK, passed away after a long illness [on February 1st, 2007]."

Tim was a long time friend of the Henge of Keltria and will be missed. Tim was interviewed in the Lughnasadh '96 issue of Keltria Journal.


Éist le mo Scéal (Listen to my Story)
by Caera

Cover of CD: Éist le mo Scéal (Listen to my Story) Music has long been used as a cathartic tool for healing. In most cases it has been on the part of the artist. Caera’s new release Listen to my Story is a deep release of those inner emotional nuggets that can haunt us throughout our lives. Caera’s story is one that has been faced by many, and unfortunately will be faced by others unless we can shift the collective mindset. As much as the work is a representation of her healing process, hopefully it inspire those who might listen to begin or further their own emotional healing.

Listen to my Story features the familiar harp-based melodies and haunting vocals that Caera is known for. On this recording she has chosen to sing her lyrics predominantly in English as opposed to Gaelic, perhaps to reach a broader audience. The themes woven into this work are not on the lighter side. They represent those themes in life which dwell deep and require conscious work to move through.

The first track “If Lancelot Could Have Loved Elaine” speaks to the pain felt by not receiving love in return. It speaks deeply to the shame, guilt and distress we feel when we love someone, but they cannot return that love because of the constraints society places against loving more than one person. Subsequent tracks speak to the coping mechanisms we develop to survive physical abuse, neglect, and the anguish caused by divorce and substance abuse. What I appreciate most about Caera’s work, and particularly so on this recording, is her ability through lyrics to bring you right into the moment and to be a part of her story.

I realize this review has been less about the flow and movement of individual songs and more about the depth from which her story originates. As someone who is confronting issues from my past, I am inspired by Caera’s ability to put light onto her shadow and work compassionately to let go of her past in order to move forward.

For more information about Caera’s music, classes and more see her website at


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