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Issue #78
Beltaine 2008

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Henge Happenings

   Issue 78

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The Bard's Path


I am but a breath on the breeze,
a chance to be.
A breath of being yet to be.
A Sight of living with the future within.
Here now is where I am.

I am but a seed, an acorn on the Great Tree
potential yet to be seen,
hidden deep within,
the magic it doth spin,
the chance to be something more.
Here now is where I am.

I am but a seedling,
Sprouting potential being seen,
two leaves and a stem,
that is where it all begins-
we each must find our own feet.
Here now is where I am.

A sapling of elegance and grace,
flexing in the winds sweet embrace,
testing and challenging me to grow.
The potential is showing,
the branches and roots growing,
the earths embrace coming to know.
Here now is where I am.

A tree of elegant grace,
formed with style, potential being embraced,
the dream of a seed being realized,
you can see it in the eyes,
of the flowers of the seeds yet to be.
Here now is where I am.

Blossoms of great beauty,
holds the future with positivity,
calling the ties that form the future
to come and answer to the accords of time.
Ancestory passed on,
Genetics flowing into a seed yet to be released.
Here now is where I am.

Each of us goes through these every graces,
finding each our own special places,
in the earth, in the sea and the wind.
The story is told again and again,
Here now is where I am.

We each are the seed,
We each are the Tree,
And we each give the seed its first start.
Druidry in and through me, still working, waiting to see,
Where I have yet to go and what I have yet to be,
And have yet to be a part of them, and they of me.
Here now is where I am.

© Copyright 2008 by Aaurine Veleda



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