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Veterans Awen Symbol Project UpdateDrawing of Awen Tri-line

The quest for recognition for Druids to have the Awen symbol on their VA provided grave marker continues. The action is for all vets to put something IN WRITING that explains they want the Awen symbol on their memorial marker. The veteran's desire should be communicated as a letter to the next of kin.

Ellen Hopman is acting as a repository for Veterans' letters. You can send a copy of your letter directly to her or through the Henge Office. Having a copy of your letter/desires in place will help expedite future requests. The use of the Druids’ Awen symbol is in limbo until we have a veteran whose next of kin requests a marker and is willing to fight for it. If you are a vet, please record your desires and give them to your next of kin. Sending copies to the Henge Office will insure that Ms Hopman and the Lady Liberty League will also have veterans’ wishes on file. We will make sure copies get to Ellen and to Lady Liberty League. The Lady Liberty League is sponsored by Circle Sanctuary and did much to have the pentacle approved as s symbol of faith for our Wiccan friends.)

(Send a copy of your written desires to the Henge of Keltria, P.O. Box 1060, Anoka, MN 55303-1060)

Walk wish wisdom,
Tony Taylor /|\
The Henge of Keltria

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