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Henge Happenings
Issue #84
Samhain 2009

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Henge Happenings

  Issue 84

From the President
From the Vice-President

The Bard’s Path
Ancestors, Heroism & Weapons
by Karl Schlotterbeck
Eidolon by Jenne Micale
Celtic Necromancy: Consulting the
by Shawn Frix

The Seer’s Path
Sweetgum: The Sticker-ball Tree
by Jenne Micale
Comfrey by Nione
A Reminder for Veterans

The Druid’s Path
Interview with Tony Taylor
by Christopher Blackwell
On being Keltrian by NiBhrigid
From the Internet

The Druidry Handbook
Drawing Down the Spirits

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From the Vice-President

Greetings everyone!

At last we can feel the stirrings of fall here in North Georgia. The leaves are gradually changing colors. The Canada geese that live here year round are forming up “squadrons” and flying up and down the length of Lake Lanier. They won’t actually migrate anywhere; this is as good a place as any to stick out the winter, but they make a great spectacle of it accompanied by lots of honking as they fly over our home.

Oh yes, Samhain is upon us! It’s the time of year for hometown country fairs and fall festivals. I truly love this time of the year.

As a Keltrian Druid this season has multiple meanings for me. First, there’s the fact that the growing season is winding down so there’s not as much gardening and lawn care to deal with. Our grove is a little easier to maintain so I can rest a bit. Second, it’s a time to reflect upon the goals I had set last Samhain and how they were (or were not) accomplished.

Next, there’s the aspect of setting new goals as well as fresh plans for the “Celtic New Year”

Finally, and very important to me, is the act of honoring our Ancestors and those whom have passed to the Other World in months and years past.

It’s a perfect time to set the type of goals that will enable one to improve in mind, body and spirit during the coming year. Perhaps one could make time to read more, to meditate more often? Maybe you could sign up for the correspondence course, or even volunteer to mentor someone just starting the course if you’ve already completed it? If you’re a member of a grove you could take on a few extra responsibilities to improve your group… such as teaching new members or after ritual clean up. Are you able to offer a class on Keltrian Druidism at a pagan gathering?

The stronger you become in mind, body and spirit, the stronger your grove becomes. This in turn improves The Henge as well!

Take the time to consider what you can do to enrich the lives around you as well as your own. This is one of my personal goals for the coming year.

Lastly, I want to thank you for electing me as V.P. I hope I’ll be able to fulfill the duties of my position to make The Henge stronger for us all!

May the blessings of Samhain be upon each of you!

Walk with wisdom,



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