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Henge Happenings
Issue #85
Imbolc 2010

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Henge Happenings

Henge Happenings

  Issue 85
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The Bard’s Path
Draiocht and the Pursuit of Imbas by Draig Teine
Leabharcham lies to Conchobhar by Jenne Micale

The Seer’s Path
Olive Leaf by Nione

The Druid’s Path
Mother Earth in Keltrian Theology by Karl Schlotterbeck
The Beauty of the Eyebrow by Searles O'Dubhain

Fron the Groves
From the Internet

The Ecstatic Experience

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From the Vice-President


When I think about Imbolc it’s almost always sure to lead to thoughts about the weather situation here in the Southeastern U.S. This may be in part because our Celtic “holiday” almost coincides with “Ground Hog Day”, the day on which we try to predict the coming of Spring by the observation of large rodents and their abilities to see their own shadows at sunrise. Could this be called “rodent-o-mancy”?

We here in North Georgia, U.S.A. have just exited a week of being in a deep freeze, or so it seemed to be a deep freeze to us. It’s been the coldest January we’ve had for something like 14 years now and we’ve become quite spoiled by the past few mild winters.

I’m sure everyone reading this knows about the story… “ The ground hog does/does not see his shadow… six more weeks of gloom/immediate spring like weather ahead…” I’m thinking about setting up a beach umbrella over our local ground hog’s den entrance down at the “Yellow River Game Ranch” in order to stack the odds in my favor. But I’m mostly just thinking about setting up beach umbrellas…

Anyway… where was I? Oh yes, Imbolc and the weather. This is the time of year that I plan what I’ll be planting in my small garden space. I’ll thumb through seed catalogs and several versions of farmers almanacs looking for ideas and tips for the coming season. What repairs need to be made within our yard or Grove space, what improvements can I think of? By Imbolc the day has lengthened by almost three quarters of an hour since the Winter Solstice and I’m “itching” to be outside in the sunshine … um, pulling weeds? Well, I’m planning anyway!

One the things I like about our particular tradition of Druidism is the emphasis on the times and seasons of the year, celebrating Mother Earth’s cycles. I feel that since we’re Her children, by recognizing these cycles it helps us to keep in touch with who we really are, where we came from.

Even though Imbolc is still part of the season of home and hearth, we can plan for the promise of warmer days ahead. Yet not only do I think of the physical work ahead, I think too on what personal or spiritual improvements can I make on myself… and the task is tremendous, as my wife would agree!
Never the less, the “stirring” has begun! Have you made your plans and gathered the necessary tools or gear to begin the work?

Stay warm and may the blessings of Imbolc be upon you all!
- Grey Boar



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