Henge Happenings
Issue #85
Imbolc 2010


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Henge Happenings

Henge Happenings

  Issue 85

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The Bard’s Path
Draiocht and the Pursuit of Imbas by Draig Teine
Leabharcham lies to Conchobhar by Jenne Micale

The Seer’s Path
Olive Leaf by Nione

The Druid’s Path
Mother Earth in Keltrian Theology by Karl Schlotterbeck
The Beauty of the Eyebrow by Searles O'Dubhain

Fron the Groves
From the Internet

The Ecstatic Experience

From the Internet

Pagan & Druid Veterans


The Philly Burbs ran an article "Pagan vets urged to come out of the closet". Of course, we have long supported the establishment of the penticle as a symbol of faith for many, we also promote the establishment of the awen as a symbol of faith for Druids on veteran's headstones. According to the article,

"They [Asatru wizards and spirit shaman, Wiccan witches and Druid priests] want respect equal to any Christian, Jew or Muslim who served in the armed forces, said the commander of the Pagan Veterans of the United States. " 

The article indicates that Charles Arnold is national commander of the Pagan Veterans of the United States. I did some looking and the website link mentioned in the article doesn't work. It appears that the organization is still mostly a Yahoo Group -- Pagan-Veterans-USA. That said, Charles has been long involved with Pagan Veteran issues and was the National Coordinator for the Pagan Veterans Headstone Campaign. Veterans and active duty service members are encourged to look into this.

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