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Henge Happenings
Issue #87
Lughnasadh 2010

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Henge Happenings

  Issue 87
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From the President
Lughnasadh Greetings

From the Vice-President,
The Blessings of Lughnasadh

From the Archdruid
The ModernWorld Needs Druids

The Bard’s Path
Brighid Breath

The Seer’s Path

The Druid’s Path
All the gods are not the same
The 2009 Golden Oak Awards
From the Internet

Deep Ancestors
The Way of Beauty

Review on

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From the President

Lughnasadh Greetings

As I approach the completion of my first year as president, I give thanks to all the individuals who have contributed to the Henge this year. Vice-president Grey Boar receives a salute for his regular contribution to Henge Happenings and Secretary Rain for her behind the scenes work sending out membership cards and other Henge correspondence. I would also like to thank Trustees Naomi, Caroline, and TopazOwl for their opinions and guidance regarding Henge business. I also thank Archdruid Karl, who does double duty as our Treasurer, and Elder Wren for their continued work on theological issues. Particular thanks goes to Wren for her editing and proofreading contributions behind the scenes, she works hard to make Henge Happenings better.

Speaking of Henge Happenings, it would be nothing without the regular contributions of the membership. Many thanks to Autumn Rose, Searles O’Dubhain, Draig Teine, Jenne, Neone, Shawn, and NiBhrigid for their contributions over the past year. Looking to the future, please keep in mind that, we are always looking for articles and art to publish in Henge Happenings. I know from what I read on the list that many of you have relevant information to contribute. Please don’t be shy and share your knowledge, skills, and opinions in articles. poetry, or letters to the editor. I would like to see more diversity in the material and we have such a diverse group of people I hoping to see submissions from new authors.

The biggest project currently underway is the Gathering of the Keltrian Tribe. Old Stone Grove is hosting the gathering this year in Cumming, GA. So far, this year’s attendees hail from Colorado, Minnesota, Ontario, Florida, and several places in between. It promises to be a great time. There is still time to register, but time is getting short. I hope to see you there....


Henge Happenings
Tony Taylor, Editor

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