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Henge Happenings
Issue #87
Lughnasadh 2010

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Henge Happenings

  Issue 87
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From the President
Lughnasadh Greetings

From the Vice-President,
The Blessings of Lughnasadh

From the Archdruid
The ModernWorld Needs Druids

The Bard’s Path
Brighid Breath

The Seer’s Path

The Druid’s Path
All the gods are not the same
The 2009 Golden Oak Awards
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Deep Ancestors
The Way of Beauty

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From the Vice President

Blessings of Lughnasadh

Hmmm… Just how am I to feel blessed at this time of the year? What with days of 90 degree plus temperatures, severe thunderstorms and mosquitoes it can be difficult. The “old timer’s” (and I’m rapidly approaching that category myself!) call this part of the summer “Dog Days” hot, humid, long days.

Lake Lanier is a short distance from my home. “The Lake”, as it’s called here, is fed by the mountain waters of the Chattahoochee and Chestatee Rivers, which gives it a bright blue color, almost like the ocean. Then too, with the almost daily thunderstorms the lake is almost full and there’s no drought this year. So why not go for a cool swim you may say? The current temperature of the lake is 82 degrees and feels like taking a warm bath. Also, it seems that as I mow my lawn, I can look back over my shoulder and see the grass growing as quickly as it’s cut… almost. The heat must be getting to me!

Yes, I know, I should be and am thankful for many things. This time of year those things that mostly come to mind are air conditioning, shade, iced tea, fresh homegrown tomatoes and blueberries. Another blessing of the warm weather is that during our Lughnasadh gatherings rather than heat up the kitchen with cooking we grill hotdogs outdoors. For desert we have ice cream with all the toppings. (Yummy! Two of my favorites!)

But the brightest spot this year is that the “Keltrian Gathering of the Tribes” is being held here in Georgia. I’m really looking forward to the workshops and classes. What’s most exciting is that not only will I be able to see old friends, but meet some of you whom I’ve only known from postings on the Keltrian lists or pictures on the internet. Maybe we can spend some time talking around the fire pit. We hope to share a great time with all!

So then, the blessings of Lughnasadh? Yes, they are truly blessings and they’re definitely upon us. Hope to see ya’ll soon!

Walk with wisdom
Grey Boar,

Keltrian Druid SigilKeltrian Druidism

is a spiritual path dedicated to revering the Nature Spirits, honoring the Ancestors, and worshipping the Deities of the ancient Celts.

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