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The following list is of websites of individuals who are members of the Henge of Keltria. The appearance of these links does not constitute endorsement by The Henge of Keltria of the linked web site, their information, or services but is provided as a service to the membership. The Henge of Keltria has no control over the information you may find at these locations. Inappropriate websites should be reported to the Keltria Webmaster.

New July 2011 The Earth Survey Blog is managed by Henge member Jeremy Taylor

Swampcrow - Druid Ways: Celtic Shamanism, Meditation & Counselling

Druid Life blogger Nimue Brown is a member of the Henge.

Beyond the Ninth Wave is an on-line Study Group supported by the Henge of Keltria. They also have a Facebook Group. Email Deanne at bendis (at) with any questions.

The Solitary Druid is a member of the Henge.

Sean MacDhai, aka WyrdWillow, is a member of the Henge.

Rebecca Henkins, Henge member & initiate, provides herbal education and consultation at North Wind Training.

Site and blog for Black Horse Consulting -- Spirited Life & Wellness Coaching for Equines/Equestrians by Ring of the Oak Keltrian Druid and Henge Board Member,TopazOwl.

Carmen Reyes is a member of the Henge. She published her first book, Tree Readings: 13 Ogham Tree OracleNew in 2010. For more info about Carmen and her book, visit her web site,

Lunatus is a member of the Henge.

Amy at Crystal Caves Holistica is a member of the Henge. Watch for her store opening.

Athelia Nihtscada is also the Chief Druid of Awen Grove in Calgary, Canada

Blackbird has a presense on My Space.

Celtic Soul is the website of author Sandra Kynes. It includes information about her books as well as miscellaneous writing and a photo-journal of her pilgrimage to Ireland.

Cerridwyn on the Witchgrove website; she also has an E-List.

Mara Freeman's Chalice Center is a gateway into the world of Celtic spirituality.

Henge Member Rodney's Crann Mor Feirm.

Druids and Celtic Paganism - Includes A Brief History of the Celts, The Druids, Basic Concepts of Celtic Spirituality, Standing Stones, and a Links Page

GROVE of the OAKEN STAVES promotes Celtic Druidic learning and revering our Mother Earth or Gaia.

Isaac Bonewits' Blantant Huckster Page contains many things you can buy including his books, e-books, music, jewelry designs or even him (for weddings, funerals, etc.).

Jeremy Taylor, Revena New York.

Karl Schlotterbeck: Psychotherapy for the Soul

The Keltrian Druid Blog is managed by Tony Taylor and is intended to provide information for Keltrian Druids about things found on the web.

Kwannon is the ethereal/wyrd folk project of Jenne Micale, formerly of the strange folk band Belladonna Bouquet.

Henge Member Mary Jones is in the process of collecting as many medieval Celtic texts as are available.

Member "Kanntara" is helping to create Project: Phoenix Fire. is devoted to the Druid Path and was started by David "Duir" Smith a member of the Henge.

ShadowCat the Wizard

John Bollin is also a member of the Sierra Vista branch of the Sonoran Sunrise Grove (ADF)

Multi-disciplinary artist Stone Riley is a member of the Henge.

Searles and Deborah O'Dubhain - The Summerlands is a Pagan, Celtic, online community that offers real time interaction to its members through message forums, chatrooms, libraries and newsletters. The Summerlands has been online since early 1997, having a wealth of information on Celtic tradition and Druid activities. It also is opening the SummerSchool Druid Seminary in 2004 for advancement in knowledge along the Druid way. In addition to that its Summerlands Press is a vehicle for Pagan publishing opportunities. The Rowan Leaf Bookstore compliments these activities, being a source for recommended readings and books about Celts and Druids.

Tony Taylor sells some of his books on Amazon.Com.

Wren Rocks features the Jewlery of The Wren, including Magickal Name Amulets and Virtue Amulets.

Your Inner Goddess has information on Aromatherapy, Chakras, Goddesses, and news relevant to women today.  It's a work in progress and more subjects will be added as time permits, including pages related to environmental issues, religion, and magick.


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