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Keltria Journal


Issue 37 - Imbolc/Spring 1998

Return of the Wood Nymph

by Pamela Harvey

The leaves of oak are green with Summer;
Under russet shades will you be there?
As in the lost time, faery haunted
In which I now relive our share.

Humans forget their Cosmic Life-path;
This loss the sorrow that blights the Earth.
When mortal limits hold life's purpose
Doubts and regrets touch human birth.

World of today that does not know us,
Forgetful of all that went before,
Makes me shiver, as in the Winter -
I'm alone on some windswept shore.

Oh, once more wrap your cloak around me,
As long ago in the Winter mist,
When Barren oak stood stark in moonlight;
In the shadow we pledged and kissed

Once again let your passion know me,
Feel the hidden warmth beneath the ice,
And forget how this alien landscape
Once seemed bleak to my wond'ring eyes.

Despite all, I find recognition,
These modern times can remind me still
Of a lost Paradise, yet living
As in our yonder faery hill.

When the leaves of the woodland tremble
Into rebirth of Eternal Spring
Share with me then immortal splendor,
Share with me the remembering.

In all the Earth the seed is stirring,
Seeking to leap into Life once more;
The prosaic world shows lost glamourie -
Through our Faery Opening Door.

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