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Keltria Journal

Issue 18 - Beltaine 1993

Table of Contents


Iarwain - The Future of Druidism in North America

Caillean ap Gwynedd - Cattle Raids

James Trenton Smith - The Rise and Fall of Rome in Celtic Britain

Daniel Hansen - Druids in Comic Books

Steven of Prodea - A Town of Our Own

Iarwain & Sable - Handfasting Ritual

Daniel Hansen - May Queen Battle


Sable - From Within the Standing Stones - What is Best for the Children

Caillean - Back to the Tribe - The Shaggy Man

Ellen Evert Hopman - The Herbalist - Peace priorities: Preventive Medicine for Our Times // Calendala // Chamomile

Nebula - The Practical Druid



Gifts From the Healing Earth

The New Golden Dwan Ritual Tarot

The Nine Doors of Midgard

Back Cover:

Druidic Triads

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