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Keltria Journal

Issue 34 - Beltaine/Summer 1997

Glimmerings of Eternity

by Ken MacDonnell


  • Down darkening woods,
    a night bird's call
    and far, pale stars
    usher amethyst twilight,
    the courtesan of dying sun
    and rising moon.

    A harried consciousness,
    from bourgeois web,
    and traps of triviality
    is lulled to rapturous dreams
    where isles enchanted
    conjure exquisite melancholy
    for some immeasurable source,
    a known but unseen presence,
    like wolf's cry on wind -
    and to oblivion's black velvet.

    At pearly dawn, all wonders fade,
    exposing mind and soul once more to fire-born day's

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