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Brynach ab Adda is a guy who lives in St. Paul, MN. He is a budding traditional musician on accordion and whistle, a singer of Welsh and Breton songs, and a student of Celtic language and history. He is a Keltrian Initiate.

Zella Bardsley is currently on a path of spiritual develpment and healing, and an avid researcher of the Goddess. She is, by profession, a special education teacher, currently finishing graduate school. As a mother of two preschoolers, she is currently on leave from teaching, and is concentrating on the children, finishing her degree, and finding her own spirituality. Her writing interests are in the areas of childhood issues, sibling relationships, women's spirituality, psychic development and healing, and herbology.

Mary Branin is a Pagan/Wiccan and student of Celtic/Irish history, religion and genealogy, as well as Old European Goddess worship. The mother of two daughters, she has a Psychology M.A. She has appeared in productions of Cracked Looking-Glass Irish Theater at Kieran's Pub. She enjoys writing and painting, especially on Pagan themes.

Lion's Dream is a Seanchais Bard (Storyteller) and an Advisor in the ADF Bardic Guild and a member of the National Storytellers Association. He is a member of Garran Aes Aisling, and Senior Druid of Red Oak Grove, ADF. He has published a series of hypnosis tapes called Making Miracles, which is available via mail order from Lion's Dream 2910 Phillips Rd, Mt Holly, NJ 08060 or on the web at http://www.davidgowell.com/

Alex Flinsch is a member of the Henge of Keltria (Clan Creaganmor). He brews mead, beer, and cider for use and ritual and feast. Alex has been homebrewing since 1985 and has won several awards in SCA brewing competitions. The father of twins, Alex is married to Martha-Lisa and earns a living as a computer systems consultant. He studies Celtic history, myth and religion, and teaches an occasional brewing class to anyone who is interested.

Mara Freeman, MA, is a British writer, speaker and storyteller of the British Mystery Tradition, which she has studied for over 30 years. She has also produced multi-image dramas on sacred traditions using slides, poetry and sound and has recently created an audio-cassette series entitled, Journeys to the Otherworld, comprising Celtic story-telling, music, and guided inner journeys. Mara now lives on the West Coast. For further information on presentations and tapes, call (408) 622-0330 or e-mail: chalice@redshift.com or visit her web site at http://www.redshift.com/~celtic/ .

Caillean ap Gwynedd is a secondary school teacher in Missouri. He belongs to Cattrighe, a member of Clanns Tuath Cymry. He and associated members of Tuath Cymry are actively involved in the formation of a rural Pagan community.

Daniel Hansen, Msc.D., D.D., is an American High Druid, a Keltrian Yew Ring, 3rd Circle ADF, 2nd Order RDNA, and OBOD Druidic Grade. He's written numerous Druidic articles for various newsletters and is the author of American Druidism.

Pamela Harvey was born in North London in 1934 and still lives in the area. She was interested in writing poetry since published in the school (Edmonton County Grammar) magazine when she was 13. Published books of poems include Poetry by Stylus Press and stories East of the Rising Sun and The Jovian System. She has been published in several magazines including Silver Wheel.

Brigantia Hearthkeeper is a writer and musician whose spiritual practice combines Celtic Neopaganism, shamanism, and the arts. She has published previously in Keltria and in the now-defunct Pagan women's magazine, The Red Queen, and is the webweaver of The Apple Grove website ( http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Forum/1631 ). She lives in Baltimore, Maryland with her husband and stepdaughter and a small flock of finches.

Ellen Evert Hopman, M. Ed., is an herbalist, counselor and lay homeopath who lives and works in Western Massachusetts. She is the author of Tree Medicine Tree Magic, A Druid's Herbal For the Sacred Earth Year, and Being a Pagan (formerly People of the Earth); author of the videos Gifts of the Healing Earth, Vol. I and Pagans and author of the audio tapes The Druid Path - Herbs And Festivals, The Herbal And Magical Powers Of Trees, and Celtic Gods And Goddesses. She was the Vice-President of the Henge of Keltria for nine years and is the current Co-Chief of the Order
of the Whiteoak (Ord na Darach Gile). You can contact her at saille333 (at) mindspring (dot) com or via her web site http://www.celticheritage.co.uk/EllenEvertHopman.

M.A.D. Howell is a sculptor whose current production works include Storyteller (The Crone) and The Definitive Pan. Her major works include bronze gates in Washington D.C. and Dallas, TX. She is also the art editor for Keltria: Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick. You can contact her at MADHowell@aol.com .

Ronald Hutton is best known as the author of The Pagan Religions of the Ancient British Isles (Blackwell, 1991). His new book, The Druid Renaissance is due out this fall. Mr. Hutton lives near Bristol, England.

Ishtar has been doing art professionally since the late 70's. Not only has her art been seen in Keltria magazine, but also in Tattoo, Nightlore, and other publications. She mainly sells her art via Science Fiction and Fantasy conventions nationwide. Her hair is black, eyes hazel and the rest changes without notice. Ishtar lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Robert Kaucher is a Celtic shaman who has conducted weekly workshops on the rediscovery of Celtic shamanic practices and religion. He studies Celtic languages and cultures to assist him in his aim of reviving the ancient arts of druidecht. Robert makes his home in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he publishes North European Renaissance, a journal dedicated to exploring the religions and cultures of ancient northern Europe. He can be reached at POB 662, Amelia, OH 45102-0662.

Sirona Knight, M.S., C.H.T. is a Third Degree Craftmaster of the Gwyddonic Druid Tradition. She is the creator and co-author of The Shapeshifter Tarot, author of The Pocket Guide to Celtic Spirituality, Greenfire: Making Love With the Goddess, and Moonflower: Erotic Dreaming With the Goddess. She is also a Contributing Writer for New Age Retailer magazine and Contributing Editor for Magical Blend magazine. Visit her Web Site at www.dcsi.net/~bluesky/

Matthew McCabe is a tutor within the Order of Bards, Ovates & Druids. Since 1991 he has been involved with the Northumbrian Grove in England, latterly as Chief. He has worked on numerous religious programs for Tyne Tees TV (UK). He is a media representative for the Order.

C.L. McGinley is the office manager for an environmental corporation in Central NY. In her spare time she breeds and trains American Warmblood and Percheron horses. She has a B.S. in Education with a concentration in History and the Social Sciences, and an A.S. in Equine Science. She is a practicing solitary Druid, and a member of the Henge of Keltria.

Sam McSkimming is co-author of Gods of the Celts and is editor of the Scottish Celtic journal Dalriada. He has been writing and teaching in the Gaelic Celtic Oral Tradition for thirty years and is the present chief of Clan Dalriada.

Kelly MacCath is a student of archaeology and music history. She plans to study ethnomusicology and Celtic studies at the graduate level. She is a member of Keltria and lives in Illinois.

Ken MacDonnell is a retired business manager, born in Ireland, a U.S. citizen, and educated in the U.S. His interests are philosophy, psychology, mythology, feminism, humanism, social and environmental issues, Neopaganism, and Irish studies. He is the author of Late Night Embers, (Carlow Pub.) and Just for Laffs.

Andrew MacLeod has a MA in History, has been a Pagan for 15 years. He has been involved with Celtic studies for 10 years, speaks Irish Gaelic, works as a librarian, and lives in Minnesota. His work has been published in Dalriada and elsewhere.

Diogenes MacLugh was initiated into the Druidic Craft of the Wise in 1971 and served actively in the DCW High Priesthood. He enjoys writing and has been published in a few newsletters and journals, currently he's finishing a novel of historical fiction about a Druid who comes to America in the 5th Century, becoming known as Pahana, Quetzalcoatl and Kukulcan. His other interests include photography, computers, mythology, "quantum metaphysics" and performing music with four albums produced by his band Mountain Magic. His Web Site, The Celtic Connections Page is located at: http://members.tripod.com/~Diogenes_MacLugh/celtic.html

Alex Maxwell, MA History, is a student of Ancient History and Religion working on his PhD at a large midwestern university. He has a strong interest in the Celts and is a new member of the Henge.

Sharynne MacLeod NicMhacha is a teacher, writer and Bard of Scottish and Irish ancestry, a descendant of Clan MacLeod, long recorded in the Oral Tradition to have connections with, and blood of, the Sidhe. She studies Gaelic and Old Irish, and the linguistic, musical and experiential aspects of ancient Celtic spirituality. She teaches Celtic Ancestral Wisdom, is writing several books, and has released a CD of Celtic Pagan rock (The Moors).

Searles O'Dubhain is a Celtic author and sometimes lecturer on Compu-Serve where he has conducted a weekly Celtic Workshop. When he is not rediscovering the ways of Dra¡ocht, he is the proud father of two wonderful Celtic lasses, Lauren and Corinne and the life partner of Deborah (Clan Innis). His esoteric areas of interest include Ogham divination, astral traveling, and shamanism. Clans O'Dubhain and Innis display their shields in Ft. Worth, Texas and are actively running and developing The Summer-lands, an online Pagan community.

Mary-Beth O'Shea-Noonan lived in Ireland for ten years doing stained glass and market gardening. She now lives in western Massachusetts with her husband and daughter and collection of ducks, cats, chickens, and dogs. Her poems have appeared in Cimarron Review, Arachne, and The Albatross.

Frank MacEowen is a Transpersonal counselor, a Taibhsear, and a writer whose latest work was featured in The Druid Renaissance, edited by Philip Carr-Gomm, Harper Collins. He is founder of Taghairm Circle tm, a Druid teaching circle in Boulder, Colorado, is a representative of the Scottish clan MacEwen for Colorado, and is working on his first book.

Ms. Peckenpaugh, an associate prof. of English at U.W. - Whitewater, is poetry editor of Affilia magazine and received her MFA from the Univ. of Mass. Her work has been published in many anthologies, including When I Am and Old Woman I Shall Wear Purple which has sold over a million copies. Her books include: Letters from Lee's Army, Morgan Press; A Book of Charms, Barnwood Press; Remembering Rivers, Sackbut Press; and A Heathen Herbal, Artists Book Works. Always Improving My Appetite is newly published in '94. Ms. Peckenpaugh has performed on radio and television and at theaters and galleries around the midwest.

James Pin‚l is a member of Keltria and currently taking the Keltrian correspondence course. He is a student of Medieval History and Religion at Ohio State University and plans on being a Professor and Secular Theologian. He and his wife follow the path of Cymric Druidism as a family unit.

Anthony Rees is a self-taught Celtic artist that is starting to go professional with his artwork. After getting published in magazines like Keltria, Celtic Connections, and Pendragon, he is beginning work on a notecard series and on illustrating a book on Welsh Celtic myths.

Meredith Richard's main interest is Welsh language, literature, and culture. She has previously published articles in Cauldron of Cerridwen and Keltria: Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick. She is currently under contract and working on a book about the concept and history of Celtic identity.

Karl Schlotterbeck is a licensed psychologist who is a student of the Druid way, and a shaman. He is the author of Living Your Past Lives (Ballantine, 1987) and the forthcoming Bonds Out of Time: The Karma of Relationship.

Ceisiwr Serith's first book, The Pagan Family, is published by Llewellyn Publications. He is currently working on several more books. A Pagan for twenty years, a husband for fifteen years, and a father for fourteen, he lives with his wife and daughter in Massachusetts.

Christopher Sloane is a dowser, journeyman geomancer and Second Degree Reiki practictioner. His is an ordained cleric and a student of the Earth Mysteries. Chris has served a two-year apprenticship in the Construction and Use of Sacred Space with Sig Lonegren, M.A., Sacred Space. He lives with his partner Debbie, in Bolton, VT, where they are raising a family. Christopher is available for workshops, classes, consultations and individual sessions.

Stone You can contact Stone via e-mail at Stone60@aol.com .

Maireid Sullivan is a singer/songwriter, poet and student of history. She was born on a farm in the township of Bantry Bay, in West Cork, Ireland, the first of seven siblings. She has performed and lived all over the world. She is an avid student of history, especially dedicated to researching and interpreting the gifts of Celtic culture. Her latest live performance program is titled Celtic Dreaming, a story told in song and poetry over film of nature and ancient sacred sites, tracing the "melding" of ancient Celtic culture with the ancient cultures of America and Australia. Never Drift Apart, Mairéid’s third CD, (2003) was recorded in Melbourne, Australia. Earlier recordings include For Love's Caress - a Celtic journey (1998), Dancer (1994) and the live concert duet, A Celtic Evening, with Derek Bell,(1998) who was the harper with the Chieftains until his passing in October 2002. She appears on several best-selling compilations in the Celtic genre (including the seminal Narada Records release, Celtic Voices - Women of Song. Her book, Celtic Women in Music was published by Quarry Music Press in 1999. Volume two is due for publication. Maireid edits a peace archive at http://www.peacearchive.org/ Her poetry collection, Ancient Self - Memoirs, was published in 1997. Her poetry, essays and articles have appeared in many publications, including Hugh Downs’ My America (2002). (see samples on her website, http://www.maireid.com/

Pat Taylor is cofounder of the Henge of Keltria, and coauthor of The Henge of Keltria Book of Ritual. She has been practicing Druidism since 1979. She lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota, with her husband, Iarwain, and sons, Erik and Tanner.

Tony Taylor is Cofounder of the Henge of Keltria, coauthor of The Henge of Keltria Book of Ritual, and is the Editor-in-Chief of Keltria: Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magic. He has been a Druid since the early 1970's and lives with his wife, Mary-Alice, in the Minneapolis, Minnesota, suburbs.

Scott Thomas has published fiction, poetry, art and articles in numerous Pagan and horror magazines. A ghost story of his appears in the DAW paperback anthology: The Year's Best Horror Stories. Poets whom have imspired him include Robin Williamson, Dylan Thomas, Robert Service, and Thomas Hardy.

Michael Williams is a Bard in the Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids and is an Axxociate of the Pagan Federation. He has had published both fiction and non-fiction work and is particularly involved in the archaeology of the European Bronze and Iron Ages and how they relate to the spirituality of today.

Lorena Wolfe has studied and worked in various Neopagan traditions since 1983, with a focus on the Druidic. She is a Keltrian initiate, and one of the founders of the Grove of the Sacred Well. A native Southern Californian, Lorena is living happily ever after with her husband and son.

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