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Keltria Journal

Issue 32 - Samhain/Winter 1996

Table of Contents

The Seer's Path

Ogham Divination - Part V by Searles O'Dubhain
This installment includes The Ollmah - Master of Poetry, Eochra Eocsi, Spokes in the Wheel, Singing to the Sun, The Sun, Wisdom will Bloom, Song of the Forest Trees, Music of the Seasons, Words of Power, Amrun, and Musical Instruments.
Sacred Space and Dowsing by Christopher Sloane
Magical Trees - Oak by Mara Freeman

The Bardic Path

The Voyage of Lugh by Caillean ap Gwynedd
This is a new myth concerning Lugh and his travels across the deep waters to shores he had never seen.

The Druid's Path

The Problem of Evil by Matthew McCabe
Labara: Introduction to the Celtic Languages - Part 3:
Celtic Language Learning; A Guide for Pagans by Meredith Richard
This installment includes General tips of Learning Materials, Specific Learning Materials, and Dealing with People.
An Interview with Philip Carr-Gomm By Ellen Evert Hopman

Other Departments

from Alexei Kondratiev
from David Schaal
About the Three Paths

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