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Imbolc / Spring 1997
Issue #33





Keltria Journal

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Issue 33 - Imbolc '97

The Bard's Path

The Seer's Path

The Druid's Path

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What's New

Table of Contents

Cover of Keltria Journal #33The Seer's Path

Ogham Divination - Part VI by Searles O'Dubhain
This installment includes The Poet’s Secred, Harmony of the Spheres, Traditional Irish Harp - Ogham Relationships, The Natural Concordance of Notes with the Planets, Tree Toning, Magical Implements, The Inner Circle, and Creating Sacred Space.
Magical Trees - Apple by Mara Freeman
Cayenne by Herb C. Sage

The Bardic Path

The Wild Man and the Goddess by Ken MacDonnell
The Traveler by Kelly S. MacCath
Ancient Bard by Christopher Dendy
Triads by Brendan McMahon
February by Martha-Lisa
Merlin and Vortigern by Stone
This is a storyteller’s story of Merlin, the Great Druid in King Arthur’s time and Vortigern a very bad King.
Gabha Meala by Caillean ap Gwynedd
This is a new myth concerning the spirit hidden within the honey that is hidden in the mead.
Inchworm: Or How History Escapes Us by Pamela Harvey

The Druid's Path

Saxon Druidry or Native American? by Philip Shallcrass
Why modern Druids should connect to spirits of the land of the ancient peoples of that land.
Filidheacht: Shamanic Practices in Ireland and Wales By Robert Kaucher
Includes Celtic Cosmology and the Otherworld, Moving between the Worlds, and Face your Fears.
Silkies and Merrymaids: The Legend of the Seal Folk By Brendan McMahon

Other Departments

Reviews: Celtic Book of Days -- By Caitlin Matthews -- Review by Ellen Evert Hopman
Celtic Tales of Birds and Beasts: Stories from the Otherworld -- Told by Mara Freeman,
Music by Gerry Smida -- Review by Saphire Mann
At the Feet of Mary Mooncoin -- Celtic Harp Music by Michael Ranauro -- Review by Ellen Evert Hopman
Cover of Keltria Journal #33
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