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Imbolc/Spring 1998
Issue #37





Keltria Journal

Issue 39 - Lughnasadh '98

Issue 38 - Beltaine '98

Issue 37 - Imbolc '98

Issue 36 - Samhain '97

Issue 35 - Lughnasadh '97

Issue 34 - Beltaine '97

Issue 33 - Imbolc '97

The Bard's Path

The Seer's Path

The Druid's Path

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What's New

Table of Contents

Cover of Keltria Journal #38The Seer's Path

Ogham Divination - Part X by Searles O'Dubhain
Peppermint by Herb C. Sage
Yew by Ellen Evert Hopman

The Bardic Path

Merlin in the Garden (Part 1 of 2) by Stone
Return of the Wood Nymph by Pamela Harvey
The Philosopher and the Mad Old Man by Ken MacDonnell

The Druid's Path

Identity and the Land by Cathbad
Early Celtic Christianity by Ellen Evert Hopman
Toward a Reclamation of our Native Beliefs: Druid Ontological Reflections on Samhain, The Ancestors, and Rebirth (Part 2
of 2) by Frank MacEowen

Other Departments

From Within the Standing Stones
Alexei Kondratiev
Searles O'Dubhain
Book Reviews
The Celtic Connection by Michel-Gerald Boutet (Review by Alexei Kondratiev)
Audio Reviews
Pagan Paths Sampler (Review by Karl)
TV Review
Hear the Roar (Review by Diogenes M. MacLugh)
Cover of Keltria Journal #38


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