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Henge Happenings: Official Newsletter of the Henge of Keltria


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Keltria: Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick (we pick 4 past issues) $15.00                   __________


 Individual back issues available: 

Keltria - Issue # 39 - Lughnasadh '98                           Sold Out                                  __________

Seer: Ogham Divination (Part XII); Yarrow
Bard: A Trip to Ireland; A Taste of Breton Verse (Labara 6); and Poetry
Druid: The Feathered Cloak and the Antlered God (Part II); Celtic Myth & Creativity; Care of the Soul

Keltria - Issue # 38 - Beltaine / Summer '98              Sold Out                                 __________

Seer: Ogham Divination (Part XI); Alder; Making Mead (Simplified)
Bard: Merlin in the Garden (Part II) and Poetry including Leanne Sidhe
Druid: Who Were the Celts?; The Feathered Cloak and the Antlered God (Part I);
Ed. How We Differ From The Ancients - Space and Place.

Keltria - Issue # 37- Imbolc / Spring '98 - Sold Out

Keltria - Issue # 36 - Samhain / Winter '97                   $3.95                                     __________

Seer: Ogham Divination (Part IX); Rowan
Bard: The Birth of Llew; Poetry
Druid: Triple Demon of Samhain; Land Sídhe and Skye (Part 2); Toward a Reclamation of Our Native
   Beliefs (Part I)

Keltria - Issue # 35 - Lughnasadh / Fall '97                  Sold Out                                    __________

Seer: Ogham Divination (Part VIII); Ash; Traditional Irish Shingles Remedy
Bard: Personal Sovereignty and the Craic; Infinite Possibilities; The Isles of the Blest
Druid: A Taste of Irish Verse; Land, Sidhe, and Skye (part 1)

Keltria - Issue # 34 - Beltaine / Summer '97                  $3.95                                     __________

Seer: Ogham Divination (Part VII); Birch; Rosemary
Bard: A Taste of Welsh Verse
Druid: Understanding the Ways of the Ancestors; Druidism; The Celtic Otherworld

Keltria - Issue # 33 - Imbolc/Spring '97                         Sold Out                               __________

Seer: Ogham Divination (Part VI); Magickal Trees - Apple; Cayenne
Bard: Merlin and Vortigern; Gabha Meala
Druid: Saxon Druidry or Native American; Filidheacht: Shaminic Practices in Ireland and Wales

Keltria - Issue # 32 - Samhain/Winter '96 - Sold Out____


Keltria - Issue # 31 - Lughnasadh/Fall '96                    $3.50                                     __________

Seer: Ogham Divination (Part IV); Sacred Space & Dowsing, Magickal Trees - Oak Part I
Bard: Nature is Calling
Druid: The Celts and the Sea: History, Myth, & Cosmology, Intro. To Celtic Languages: Part II

Keltria - Issue # 30 - Beltaine/Summer '96                    $3.50                                     __________

Theme: Celtic World of Sky: The Once and Future Celtic Culture
Bard: Bardic Exercise 1: The Heroic Tale
Seer: Ogham Divination (Part III) ; Magickal Trees - Hawthorne
Druid: Introduction  To Celtic Languages: Part I; Medieval Ireland
Interview: Emma Restall Orr

Keltria - Issue # 29 - Imbolc/Spring '96                         $2.95                                     __________

Theme: Celtic World of Land: Defending the Land: Toward a Celtic Bioregionalism, Magic Trees - Hazel
Bard: Tir nan Og and the 21st Century
Seer: Ogham Divination (Part II);
Druid: Native Toungs
Interview: Patrick MacManaway

Keltria - Issue # 28 - Samhain/Winter '95                      $2.95                                     __________

Theme: Celtic World of Land: The Enchanted Forest
Seer: Ogham Divination (Part I);
Druid: Who Possesses the Past, Druids: Who are we?
Interview: Philip Shallcrass

Keltria - Issue # 27 - Lughnasadh/Fall '95 -- Sold Out             __________

Theme: Celtic World of Sea: Pain or Pleasure, Tros y Mor y Mae fy Nghalon
Bard: Tree Meditation (for a solitary), Pagan Song
Seer: Notes from the Herbalist: Arnica, Astragalus, Comvrey & Sage
Druid: On Committing Intentional Heresy
Interview: Peter Berresford Ellis

Keltria - Issue # 26 - Beltane/Summer '95 -- Sold Out            __________

Theme: The Gods and Goddesses: The Goddess Danu, The Dagda's Harp
Bard: Voice of the Gods: Ritual Drum-Making (Part 1), Adharc Flaithiuil
Seer: Notes from the Herbalist: Garlic Ginger,
Druid: Was that a Geiss: The Gess in Celtic Literature

Keltria - Issue # 25 - Imbolc/Spring'95                          $2.95 (Nearly Out*)                 __________

Theme: The nature Spirits: Ord-Triath: King of the Boars
Bard: Mistletoe, A Celtic Village in Winter
Seer: Fosterage: New Members into a Clan.
Druid: Mother of the Gods. La Fheile Bhride, The Otherworld
Interview: Isaac Bonewits

Keltria - Issue # 24 - Samhain/Yule '94                       - Sold Out              __________

Theme -  The Ancestors: Ancestors and Reincarnation
Seer: Earth Vision, Notes from the HerbalistI
Bard: The Magickal Land
Druid: The Killing of the Green Lord, The Feast of Rembrance, Cerenunnos: Iconography and Meaning

Keltria - Issue # 23 - Lughnasadh/Fall '94 -- Sold Out           __________

Theme -  The Revival of Druidism: Other Prople's Traditions, New and Improving Druidism
Seer: Notes from the Herbalist
Bard: Lifepaths Divergent
Druid: The Gundestrupt Cauldron: A Response to Taylor, Celtic Vertical Cosmology

Keltria - Issue # 22 -                                                     - Sold Out ________

Keltria - Issue # 21 - Imbolc/Spring '94                         $2.50                                     __________

Theme -  Parting the Veil
Seer: Notes from the Herbalist
Bard: Ancestor Connection Exercise 1, Ce Gluhe Hokwa, Pagan Spirituality
Druid: Oengue Ouge; The Darker Side of Tribalism

Keltria - Issue # 20 - Samhain/Yule '93- Sold Out - Photocopy Only $5.00             __________

Features: All time Is Now, the Dagda, Cycle of the Year
Columns: Cult of Rebirth, Ritual: Grove's Choice, winter Solstice, Beads of our Heritage




 (Please add $2.00/issue for shipping to Canada and $3.00/issue for shipping overseas.)        __________

Total:                                                                                                                               __________

Make checks to the order of "The Henge of Keltria" and mail to:

Tony Taylor
c/o The Henge of Keltria,
P.O. Box 1060
Anoka, MN 55303-1060



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