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Keltria Journal

Issue 33 - Imbolc/Spring 1997

At The Feet Of Mary Mooncoin

Celtic Harp Music by Michael Ranauro

Review by Ellen Evert Hopman

As a long-time fan of Celtic music I am always pleased to discover a new artist recording Celtic music with traditional instruments.

At the Feet of Mary Mooncoin blends harp, flute, guitar, zuk, mandolin, gimbri, whistles, tenor recorder, bironne, and assorted percussion instruments in a sensitive and lyrical interpretation of traditional Celtic ballads. There are both Gaelic and English renditions to enjoy, as well as a few original tunes.

The greatest surprise, however, was hearing his poetic recitation of "Attis and Cybele" accompanied by instrumentation. The Roman poet Catullus (80s - 50s BCE) wrote this piece about the orgiastic cult of Cybele whose devotees would castrate themselves in frenzied devotion to their Goddess.

"At The Feet Of Mary Mooncoin" by Michael Ranauro.

Available from: Lordly Nightshade Productions, POB 380775, Cambridge, MA 02238-0775 -- $15.00 CD $11.00 cass (price includes shipping).

Highly Recommended.

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