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Keltria Journal

Issue 33 - Imbolc/Spring 1997

Celtic Tales of Birds & Beasts: Stories From the Otherworld, Vol. 1

Told by Mara Freeman, Music by Gerry Smida

Review by Saphire Mann

Tape Cover Graphic British storyteller Mara Freeman truly has the bard's gift, transporting us to another time and place, to feel our souls basking in the glow of ancient fires and memories of an ancestral home. Listening to "Celtic Tales" brought the history and magick of the ancient bards to life for me. The power of the human voice amazed me; Mara's voice has enormous subtle range of expression, flowing like purest liquid crystal.

The music is of excellent quality in and of itself, and adds a three- and four- dimensional experience: haunting, evocative, archetypal -- you'll "see" the action in the music.

Children will gain a renewed appreciation for their ancient Celtic ancestors when they hear the magick, beauty, and gift of storytelling. Likely it will spark interest in Celtic legend and folklore too. And at last you'll hear those Celtic stories told with Gaelic pronunciation, solving one of life's great mysteries!

Audiocassette, approx. 1 hour; adaptations from traditional sources. $10.00 per tape + $2.00 S&H per tape. Contents: "The Prince, the Fox, and the Sword of Light;" "The Selkie;" "The Legend of the Oldest Animals;" "The Black Wolfe;" and "The Children of Lir." Highly Recommended.

For more information or to order a tape, contact: Mara Freeman. Chalice Productions, PO Box 3839, Carmel, CA 93921. Tel:(408)622-0330 -- Fax:(408)626-3170 -- E:mail: chalice@redshift.com.

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