Sweetwater Pottery

Contact Sweetwater Pottery for pricing and ordering information. Since Sweetwater Pottery is individually handmade, it may take several weeks to receive your order.

Susan Minyard, master Potter, holding Druid Chalice and Druid Serving Plate

Susan Minyard - Master Potter showing Altar (Ritual) Plate with Druid Sigil

Stag's Head Celtic Drinking  Vessel


Keltrian Druid Drining Mug

Mug with Keltrian Druid Sigil

Druid Chalice and Druid Mugs

Chalice and Mugs with Druid Sigil

Druid Chalice and Druid Alterplate with knotwork

Chalice and Altar Plate

All of Sweetwater Pottery is Lead - free and is both Dishwasher and Microwave safe.

Other designs are available. Contact Susan via eMail for more information.

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