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Website Construction

Druid Veteran Headstone

Website Construction

In March 2006, a program to update the Henge of Keltria Website was begun. Its primary purpose is to present the Henge Material in a very clean method and to provide greater flexibility in the menu structure. As such, new templates are being created to provide that structure.

The Henge of Keltria website is content rich with hundreds of web pages. Many of these pages have been unchanged in many years and need to have templates applied and their material cleaned up. So, please bear with us as these pages are transformed.

Secondly the program will reorganize much of the content into the three paths of a Keltrian Druid. These paths are, the Path of the Bard, the Path of the Seer, and the Path of the Druid. This will be a slow process as our content is analyzed and organized appropriately.

Finally, there will be some changes designed to help focus us upon our primary purpose of being a religious order. Eventually, there will be special sections for members, students, and clergy.

- Keltria Webmaster

6/10 - Converted Keltria Journal Issues, 36, 35, 34, and 33 to the new Journal template.

6/04 - Created a new Journal Template. Converted Keltria Journal Issues, 39, 38, and 37 to the new template.

4/30 - Added Henge Happenings #42 to new templates. Created PDF for HH 42 & HH43.

4/16 - Moved ritual tools under publications and changed Books & Regalia substancially.

4/12 - Moved ByLaws under Publications - Applied new template.

4/1/2006 - Redirected About, ContactUs, membersh, Membership, and OrderForm to new webpages. Split branches page to Other Druids, Other Bards, Other Seers, and Ritual Tools web pages; set up redirect to Other Druids.

3/27/2006 - Developed new Index, About Us, Bards Path, Books&Regalia, Druid's Path, Membership, Publications, and Seer's Path webpages.


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