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Submission Guidelines

The Henge of Keltria

The Henge of Keltria
P.O. Box 1060
Anoka, MN 55303-1060

phone: 678-74-HENGE

Keltria Journal

The Henge of Keltria publishes Keltria: Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick quarterly. The journal was published from 1985 through 1999 and resumed publication in 2012. It is intended for PDF and eBook delivery with a trim size of 8.5” x11.” We distribute it to members of the Henge of Keltria as part of their membership and to nonmembers by individual purchase. We post portions of Keltria Journal to the Keltria website with the intention of promoting membership in the Henge of Keltria and the purchase of individual issues.

Themes are determined for each issue. Submissions related to the issue's theme are favored over general submissions and are likely to receive the highest payment rate. Notification of themes are sent via subscription to the Author Interest Group on our email site:

We may consider articles concerning other areas if they are of interest to Druids or others on a Celtic Path.

Theme Related Articles: Interviews, profiles, and essays of 500-2500 words. For our theme related features, we are looking for in-depth articles that include references and footnotes. A bibliography is highly desired, but not required. Be sure to credit any outside sources. We pay 2 cents per word for primary content and 1 cent per word for bibliographies and footnotes. Articles exceeding 2500 words will be considered, however, payment is capped at the 2500 word limit.

General Interest Articles: Interviews, profiles, and essays of 500-2500 words. For our general interest articles, we pay 1.5 cents per word for primary content and 1 cent per word for bibliographies and footnotes. Articles exceeding 2500 words will be considered, however, payment is capped at the 2500 word limit. Articles submitted for general interest should relate to the three Celtic Paths.

  • The Bardic Path encompasses Celtic World of Sea, the Mind, the Past, Ancestors, Lore, Genealogy, Songs, Poetry, Storytelling, and Mythology.

  • The Seer’s Path includes the Celtic World of Land, the Body, the Present, Nature Spirits, Herbalism, Healing, Alchemy, Weather, and Divination (Ogham, Tarot, etc.).

  • The Druid’s Path consists of the Celtic World of Sky, the Spirit, the Body, Gods and Goddesses of the Celtic world, Theology, Ritual, Administration, Law, and Politics.

Fiction: Our fiction offerings include mythological short stories and “new mythology,” 500-2500 words. We pay one cent per word for stories.

Poetry: We also solicit Druidic and Celtic Poetry of 200-400 words. We do not pay for poetry. Generally, poetry is presented in “The Bardic Path” section.

Reviews: Reviews on Celtic, Druidic, and some Neopagan books that relate directly to the three paths. We also accept music, movies, etc., reviews along the same themes. Reviews should be from 250 to 500 words. We do not print reviews for books that are not currently in print. We do not pay for reviews.

Submissions: Submit via email to as an attachment with an email cover letter.

Submission Format: If your article makes use of special characters or foreign words, submission in a word processor format that carries the special formatting is essential. Please do not tab indent paragraphs and keep other formatting to a minimum. For example, do not include backgrounds or font colors. Tables can be particularly problematic, so use sparingly. Microsoft Word (docx) format is preferred; however, we are able to translate most word processing formats. We will contact you if the format in which you sent your material in is not translatable. Make sure that you include your byline in the article.

Content: We only accept content for Keltria Journal that has general and timeless appeal. We do not accept articles that are clearly designed for or intended as advertising unless advertising fees are paid. We also will not publish oath-bound material. We will consider material published elsewhere as a non-paid submission only. Please indicate where and when it was previously published in your cover letter. Please submit all parts of a multi part series at the same time.

Style: Keltria Journal editors prefer active voice to passive voice. We may edit submissions for voice; if the passive voice is unacceptably high or there are other grammatical difficulties with the submission we will return it. The editors reserve the right edit submissions for space or to split lengthy submissions over multiple issues. The editors may add graphics to the articles as they see fit.

Grammar Checker: Be sure to use a grammar checker set to "Formal." It will typically detect run-on sentences, sentence fragments, passive voice, and other grammatical problems.

Parentheses: By definition, parenthetical expressions are asides that aren't part of the thought of the sentence or paragraph. Unless there is some compelling reason to impart the information contained in them, they don't belong in the article.

Copyright: You will retain copyright to all your work. However, we request 90-day exclusive use of your submission and use in perpetuity in any Henge of Keltria publications.

Rights: The Henge of Keltria retains shared rights with the author and may reprint the article in part or in whole in publications of the Henge of Keltria. The author retains rights and ability to have the same material published in a different venue.

Payment: Payment, when approved, will occur within 90 days of publication.


Cover Letter

Your cover letter should include the following:

Distribution: Please indicate if you submitted your article to Keltria Journal exclusively or if your piece was submitted or has been published elsewhere. Tell us if you have sent it to several publications simultaneously. We presume the article is an exclusive submission unless you tell us otherwise.

Subject: Please indicate which of the three Celtic Paths your article relates to unless the submission is an interview, review, or letter.

Graphics: If you have graphics, please include them with the article. Indicate the source of the graphics as well. (Photo by.... Drawing by... etc.) If you have ideas for graphics that our staff could work on to compliment the article, include those ideas and possibly rough sketches.

Biography: Please include a short (100 words or fewer) biography about yourself written in third person. Such a biography should include published works and other personal background. We will publish your biography in that issue and post it on the web. Also, please include a publishable photograph of yourself. If you have been published in Keltria Journal in the previous two years and your previous biography and photo are acceptable, you do not need to resubmit.

Private Information: Please include your legal name, address, and telephone number. This information will not be shared nor made public and will only be used to contact you regarding Henge of Keltria publication business.

Letters to the Editor: The cover letter must indicate that the letter is for publication.

Reviews: Please include publisher’s information, including address, so that we may send a tear sheet to the publisher of the book or media. Interviews: You must certify that you informed the person interviewed that you intend to have their interview published. You, as interviewer, may make that certification. Please include the address of the person interviewed so we may send them a complimentary copy.


  • • Brythonic refers to Welsh, Breton, and Cornish and excludes Gaelic.
  • • Celtic as used within Keltria normally refers to the six modern Celtic lands. References to insular Celts or other Celts must be clear.
  • • Danu is preferred to Dana.
  • • Gaelic refers to languages of Irish, Manx and Scottish. It excludes Brythonic; please avoid its use unless specifically needed for clarity.
  • • Imbolc is preferred to Imbolg.
  • •Neopagan is the preferred form (vs. Neo-Pagan & Neo-pagan).

The use of grave and acute accent marks varies greatly from region to region and author to author. We standardize the spellings used in Oxford Dictionary of Celtic Mythology by James MacKillop except as noted above.


Review a few copies of Keltria Journal and determine if your work would fit with our style and themes.

Do not be discouraged if we do not accept your submission. Keltria Journal receives many articles that are good but do not exactly fit our focus. We will try to help you understand why your article was not accepted and what you may be able to do to improve it.

Do not be too wordy. Slim down your article. Articles of more than 3000 words are too long for publication and must be split over several issues. This reduces the likelihood of our publishing it. When long articles are split into parts, each part must stand on its own; if you do the splitting, and submit the article as a multi part submission, the likelihood of acceptance increases.

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