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19 March 2006
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The Seer’s Path consists of The Celtic World of Land, the Body, the Present, Nature Spirits, Herbalism, Healing, Alchemy, Weather, and Divination (Ogham, Tarot, etc.). 

The Seer, called by some "Ovate," focuses on the cosmic world of Land and is associated with the Nature Spirits. The Seer functions as an herbalist, healer, an alchemist, a weather worker, and a diviner. S/he studies the magic of the natural world around her/him. Persons pursuing this discipline should concentrate their service in these areas.

Herbalism The Nature Spirits

New Material for the Seer's Path is being posted to the Keltria WordPress site under the Seer's Path category

External Websites for those following the Seer's Path.

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