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2 Oct 2015 Updated the FAQ page and the pdf version with the latest version of the FAQ.
21 Jun 2015

Removed references to Hawk Haven Grove. (Grove Leaders moved out of state.)

Removed references to The Henge: An Introduction to the Henge of Keltria and Keltrian Druidism. (Information within was dated and replaced by the Book of Keltria. Removed the Henge Intro from the Members Only downloads page. Retired the Henge Intro from availability at Lulu.

Updated Remembrance Cord Starter Kit prices and contact information.

Image of the Wren Rocks Remembrance Cord Starter Kit Keltrian Remembrance Cord Starter Kit New and improved with glass beads! $19.95 each plus $6.00 P&H per order. (Maine residents add 5.5% sales tax) Please contact Wren (at) for further information.


14 Jun 2015 Added Book of Keltria Page.

There were many pages updated and/or corrected between September 2013 and June 2015; however, those changes were not reflected on these pages. That said, most new material is posted to the Blog1 subsite.

1 Sep 2013 Updated Bylaws to include the 2013 edition/version.
24 May 2012

Over the past several weeks We have been posting Issue 93 of Henge Happenings to the Blog. This issue contains

  • Kilclooney More Portal Tomb (Part 2) by Steward of the Wood
  • Song to the Young Son by J. Micale
  • The Lone Pine by Katrillium Horn
  • Connecting with your Ancestors by Steward of the Wood
  • The Seer’s Path Ask the Wild Bee What the Druid Knows by Karl Schlotterbeck
  • The Druid’s Path Let Your Self Be Moved by Jenne Micale
  • Book Review: Ensouling Language

A Public Edition of Henge Happenings, Issue 93 in PDF format was also published. The Members Only Edition contains material from the Officers and material from the Henge which is not included in the Public Edition.

14 Jan 2012 Learned a bunch about using 301 redirects. Redirected many old, obsolete pages. Deleted 20 some-odd files. Redirected the old contact form to the new contact wordpress based contact form. Updated it and several other files.
3 Jan 2012

Posted the public edition of Henge Happenings #92 (Samhain 2011) as a PDF file and to the Blog pages. This issue includes the following:

26 Nov 2011 Updated links on the Other Seers page. Updated links on Other Druids page.
7 Oct 2011

Added Tara by Steward of the Wood and Commentary on reading Buhner's Ensouling Language by Karl Schlotterbeck.

Added PDF version of Henge Happenings #91, Lughnasadh 2011

18 Sep 2011

Upgraded 3 plug ins.

Added The Bard's Path: Two Adorations by Autumn Rose - Lughnasadh 2011, HH #91
Added From the Vice President: WANTED - Lughnasadh 2011, HH #91
Added From the President - All Life is Sacred - Lughnasadh 2011, HH #91

6 Aug 2011

Upgraded WordPress to version 3.2.1. Upgraded 5 plug-ins, Added one plug in - 1 Flash Gallery. Will implement gallery for the 2011 Gathering later.

23 July 2011 Corrected numerous errors in the meta data associated with the pages of Issus #85.
3 July 2011

Posted Mistletoe Rite by Karl Schlotterbeck to the Blog1
Posted Review of Tree Readings: 13 Ogham Tree Oracle by Carman Reyes Review by Tony Taylor
Uplodaded Public Edition of Henge Happenings #90. (1.4MB)

26 June 2011

Posted Brighid's Well: A Meditation By Jenne Micale.
Posted Ancestors Chant by “A chorus of Karl’s”

Upgraded several wordpress plug ins.

18 Jun 2011

Upgraded WordPress to version 3.1.3.
Posted Greetings All! - Beltaine 2011 by Greyboar.
Upgraded several wordpress plug ins.
Created/setup a "Link to Facebook" application for the Blog1 pages.
Posted Grange Lios Stone Circle by Steward of the Wood.

28 May 2011

Made Keltria Journal #18, Beltaine 1993 available to purchase. Also posted Back to the Tribe: The Shaggy Man.

30 Apr 2011 Updated Public Edition of Henge Happenings #89 to the website, both Blog and PDF.
20 Apr 2011 Corrected many dead links on the Seer's Path - Other Seers page. Also pointed that new material on the Seer's Path page is located on the WordPress pages under the Seer's Path Category.
12 Feb 2011 Added link to member Rebecca Henkins website, North Wind Training.
1 Jan 2011 Added link to member Carmen Reyes' website and a link to her new book book, Tree Readings: 13 Ogham Tree Oracle and also cleaned up the Henge Members Websites page removing bad link sites.
27 Dec 2010 Removed 2008 Members Map and links to it.
26 Dec 2010 Posted the "Public Edition" of Henge Happenings #88 (Samhain 2010). Includes both html and PDF versions.
4 Dec 2010 Updated Leanne Sidhe and Feathered Cloak and Antlered God, parts 1 & 2 for marketing.
6 Nov 2010 Removed References to the Keltria Off-Line Study Group. Activity on that list will be covered under the regular Keltria List.
23 Oct 2010

Incorporated a "Public Edition" of Henge Happenings #87 (Lughnasadh 2010) into the site. Includes both a PDF version and a HTML version. Individual articles include:

7 Sep 2010 Corrected several broken links which did not affect content.
2 Sep 2010 Updated the Frequently Asked Questions, both html and pdf formats.
28 Aug 2010 Updated several pages with Missing (6) or Duplicate(4) Title Tags and one with a "non-imformative" title page. Also corrected 7 pages with short meta descriptions.
21 Aug 2010

Updated Board of Trustees and Council of Elders pages.
Updated the Recommended Reading List based upon GreyBoar's Wokshop at the 2010 Keltria Gathering.

27 Jun 2010 To Henge Happenings #86, added The Bard's Path: Clear Cut and Silver Moon, The Druid's Path: The Pagan Jesus and The Irish Druidic Creation Story, From the Keltria List about Being a Pagan, and a Review of The Sacred Isle.
26 Jun 2010 Added Henge Happenings #86, From the President and From the Vice President.
24 Apr 2010 Updated Books and Regalia to direct sales of the Henge Introduction booklets to LuLu rather than to the Henge Office.
18 Aor 2010

Added spoken (MP3) version of Karl Schlotterbeck's poem The Silver Moon.

Added Dáithí O hOgáin The Sacred Isle: Pre-Christian Religions in Ireland to the recommended Reading List. Also updated the aStore. (
17 Apr 2010 Added 2010 Candidate Profiles for Henge Elections.
20 Mar 2010 Added Henge Happenings #85, Imbolc 2010, which includes From the President, From the Vice-President, Draiocht and the Pursuit of Imbas, Leabharcham lies to Conchobhar, Olive Leaf,
Mother Earth in Keltrian Theology, The Beauty of the Eyebrow, From the Internet, &
Review: The Ecstatic Experience Also, created a PDF Version.
13 Feb 2010 Corrected problems with the Search Engine and pages by creating a new Google Search Engine entity and landing page.
31 Dec 2009 Added Henge Happenings, #84, Sweetgum: The Sticker-ball Tree by Jenne Micale, Comfrey by Nione, Interview with Tony Taylor by Christopher Blackwell, On Being Keltrian by NiBhrigid, and From the Internet: Annual Golden Oak Awards, Passages, and Tony's Druid Blog. Also added reviews of "The Druidry Handbook" and "Drawing Down the Spirits."
19 Dec 2009

Updated the Membership Page and the links to it.
Added Henge Happenings, #84 - From the President and From the Vice-President.
Added Ancestors, Heroism and Weapons by Karl Schlotterbeck and the poem, Eidolon by Jenne Micale and Celtic Necromancy: Consulting the Ancestors by Shawn Frix.

17 Sept 2009

Added "From the President - Lughnasadh 2009," "Embodiment" by Rain, "Celtic Shamanism: Fad, Fact or Fantasy" by Karl Schlotterbeck. Also addes reviews of The Seeresss of Prevorst and The Druid Way to the Blog Pages. Created a link to a Public Version of Henge Happenings #83 in PDF form.

5 Sept 2009 A "Tree Meditation" by Jenne Micale of White Cat Grove is also available in audio (MP3).
30 Aug 2009

Jenne Micale of White Cat Grove wrote and performed a song that may be used as an Ancestor's Chant titled "Grandmother Grandfather," a song that may be used as an God & Goddess Chant titled "Holy Ones, Shining Ones," and a song for the goddess Brighid titled "Light the Fires."

Various There were many changes to the website over the past year that were not documented here.
Sept. 7, 2008 Completed corrections to bookstore/Amazon pages.
Sept. 1, 2008 Updated eMail address to use form instead of "mailto:" address (92 locations), corrected most of the link problems with the bookstore/Amazon pages (down thru "Bard's Path").
August 11, 2008 Published the Public Edition of Henge Happings #78 as a PDF file and created individual html pages for From the President, From the Vice President, From the Secretary, The Bard's Path (UPG by Searles O'Dubhain), The Seer's Path (Sharing the Grain Harvest of Lughnasadh by Aauriane), The Druid's Path (Finding My Theology) and Photo Credits.
August 10, 2008 Updated Henge Members Webpage.
May 24, 2008 Added HH#78 The Seer's Path: Time to Plant, and From the Vice President.
May 22, 2008 Added Review of The Spiritual Practices of Rumi. Added HH#78, The Bard's Path, Where I Am - A View of Path by Aaurine Veleda
May 21, 2008

Created template for Henge Happenings #78, added review of Weather Shamanism.

April 6, 2008

Changed Web Hosting provider. Eliminated the Blog as it wasn't compatible with this hosting companies services. Completely redid the e-mail system and the contact form. Will begin testing and checking all links and pages. Old website and pages are still available at If you see problems with the website, please report it to the .

January 27, 2008

Tested encryped e-mail addresses on website. For example: . Will implement as web pages change for other reasons. Tested and implemented Amazon Products Feed for Associates Program.

17 Nov 07 Corrected several problem with errors Acrobat/acrobat and Biographies/biographies.
Nov 12 2007

Added Added Public Edition of Henge Happenings #75 (Lughnasadh 2007) and PDF.
From the President - Three glories of a gathering...
From the Vice President - The Joy of Hosting Our Annual Meeting
From the Secretary - 2007 Election Results
The Seer's Path - Essiac Tea
The Druid's Path - Druids Across Europe, the Isles and Beginning Times (Part 1)
The Bard's Path - Druid Settlement in North America Nicknamed "Chicken Henge"
Other - Inspirational Druid Books, Tim Sebastian Passing, Review: Éist Le Mo Scéal (Listen to my Story).

Sep 08, 2007 Updated Board of Trustees webpage to reflect 2007 election results.Updated photo of Wren.
Aug 30 2007 Added Public Edition of Henge Happenings #74 (Beltaine 2007) and PDF.
Aug 28 2007 Switched HH#73 from Web Log Format to Web Page Format.
Aug 26 2007

Added Public Edition of Henge Happenings #73 (Imbolc 2007) both PDF and using Web Log.
Cleaned up dozens of link errors.

Mar 4th, 2007

Added links to Kwannon, Blackbird, and Stone Riley for our Henge Member.
Added link to Dark Mother Wood on our Other Bards webpage.
Updated link to Ellen Hopmans website on our Journal Biographies webpage.
Updated link to Merlin Tours website on our Other Seer's webpage
Added link to VA Response Letter on our Druid Headstone Project.
Added Link to Global Arts Collective Anam Cara for Tara in support of our Save Tara project. Noted that Horses and the Mystical Path is now available in paperbook in the review of that book.

Sept 17 Created new Blog space.
Sept 7 2006 Changed web site providers, from Ready Hosting to Hosted Today, in order to be able to make use of various open source capabilities.
Aug. 8

Added the Public Edition of Henge Happenings #71 which includes From the President, The Druid and the Blackberry Sprig, Tree Legends, Lore and Whimsy, A Summer Night's Trance, St. John's Wort, A Feast of Age for Solitaires, and Death Comes Naturally.

Also added information about Henge Happenings Issue #40, Samhain 1998.

July 16 Added new Board of Trustees 2006 page with photo.
June 8 Keltria: Journal of Druidism and Celtic Magick Issue #37, Imbolc/Spring 1998 which has long been out of print is now available in PDF Format.
June 3, 2006 Added Henge Happenings Issue 41, Imbolc 1999.
May 7, 2006 Added additional material under the Druid Veteran Headstone Project regarding letters of support from other Druid Organizations.
April 29, 2006 Added Public Edition (PDF) of the Beltaine 2006 issue of Henge Happenings #70 plus linkage to individual articles, "From the President," "The Beat of a Heart, The Beat of a Drum," "Tree Meditation: Summer," "The Memory Tree," "The Nature Spirits - Part 4 of 4," "Dandelion," and a Review of Founding Fathers, Secret Societies.
April 11, 2006 Letter from the President of the Henge of Keltria to the National Cemetary Administration.


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