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The Keltria-L e-mail list provides a discussion arena to share ideas, questions, answers and a chance to get to know other Keltrians. Non-members are welcome to subscribe as provisional subscribers for six months.

The list is governed by a set of general List Rules. Subscribers agree to abide by the rules, so please review them.

To subscribe please use the following Yahoo Groups Form:

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Keltria List Rules

Keltria List Rules:

1. The Keltria List is owned and maintained by the Henge of Keltria, a Celtic Druid organization. The main purpose of this list is to allow Keltria members to communicate with each other on issues pertaining to Keltrian Druidism. The list is open to anyone who is interested in The Henge of Keltria, Keltrian Druidism, Druidism in general, or Celtic Paganism.

2. Participants in this list who are not members of The Henge of Keltria are welcome and are provisional members of this list. for 6 months. Provisional members on this list are moderated.

3. Do not post any oath-bound material on this list. If you are an initiate, please contact the Henge Office if you are interested in participating in a Keltrian Initiate list.

4. Opinions or statements expressed on this list are those of the authors and not the Henge of Keltria unless otherwise specified..

Net Etiquette:

5. Use subject headers that are expressive of your post. Make sure they keep up with the thread's actual content. If you receive digests, make sure the subject reflects the thread content and isn't "digest".

6. Quote only relevant portions of a post when responding.

7. Do not use all ALL CAPS as this is considered the equivalent of shouting. Use emphasis carefully as it may be misinterpreted.

6. General discussions and socializing should move to private e-mail or to another list dedicated to that purpose.

7.  Never post personal mail without permission from the sender.  After all, you would want others to do the same for you.

8. Threats of any kind will result in immediate removal from the list.

9. Spam mail is forbidden and will result in being blocked on this list.  This is not a commercial list.

How to Respond to a Post you Disagree with:

10) Remember you are dealing with real people. Please others with respect and conduct yourself as a mature, responsible, person.

11. Do not post "flames" which have the purpose of insulting a person or group.  Keep to the issues and ideas. Use of flames will result in a warning and possible banishment from the list.

12. Take some time to calm down (maybe even a few days) before responding. You might find that the post sounds quite different the next time you read it. Always assume that there are good intentions behind the post.  You may find it helpful to reread the post with this in mind. Sometimes the most effective response is none at all.

13. Ask for clarification if you are still unsure of what the author meant. This is often best done off the list.

More General Rules:

14. Disagreements or questions regarding this Keltria-L list should be addressed to the Keltria-Listmaster.

15. If you are unsatisfied with the results you may contact any Trustee of the Henge of Keltria for further assistance in resolving the matter.  See for a list of Trustees.

Walk with Wisdom,
- Keltria List Master

Last Updated: 16 April 2006

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